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  1. New brand alert! Georgini

    New brand alert! Georgini
    Meet Georgini, Australia’s favourite jewellery brand and the latest addition to the Niche Jewellery collection. Choose their cute, comfortable jewellery pieces to elevate your look, day or night, with hints or sparkle and subtle glamour. Who is Georgini? Georgini jewellery is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. They’ve been a favourite down under since 2004, but until now, they haven’t...
  2. How to wear: stud earrings

    How to wear: stud earrings
    How well do you know your stud earrings? Having been through a bit of a renaissance in recent years, there’s a lot more to wearing modern stud earrings than you might think. Find out what more you need to know about this jewellery staple.   Doesn’t everyone know how to wear stud earrings? Stud earrings used to be simple. You...
  3. How to wear hoops

    How to wear hoops
    Buy Hoop Earrings for Women UK | Here @ Niche Jewellery blogs - How to wear hoop earrings! Get ultimate Hoop Earrings for Women online Niche Jewellery.
  4. Find your sparkle this spring, with Swarovski

    Find your sparkle this spring, with Swarovski
    Find your sparkle this spring, with Swarovski’s stunning crystal collection. Swarovski has been setting the bar for sparkle since 1895. That means they have over 125 years of experience in creating stunning crystal pieces under their sparkly belt. During that time, they've crafted some of the most recognisable jewellery on the planet. Using their unique combination of science and magic to...
  5. Three jewellery looks to beat the January blues

    Three jewellery looks to beat the January blues
    The January blues are real. It's cold, it's dark and we are in desperate need of pretty things to get us through the month. Luckily, we happen to be experts in the field of pretty things, so we know exactly what you need. Here's how to beat those January blues and bring some colour and sparkle back into your January...
  6. Last minute Christmas gifts that shine

    Last minute Christmas gifts that shine
    Need a last minute Christmas gift? No problem, we’ve got plenty of fab ideas for Christmas jewellery gifts that everyone will love. After all, just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean it can't be special. Bring smiles to the faces of all your favourite people by making your last-minute Christmas gifts the best ones under the tree.  Christmas is a seriously...
  7. All you want for Christmas, at Niche

    All you want for Christmas, at Niche
    Our Niche Christmas Gift Guide has something for everyone. Bring extra sparkle to the ones you love this Christmas with a little help from the Niche Online team. We've got perfect gift ideas for the trendsetters and teenage dreamers in your life, the special people at the heart of your family and even the ones who seem to have everything...
  8. Party pieces: Time to sparkle

    Party pieces: Time to sparkle
    'Tis the season to sparkle, which means it's time to add some party pieces to your jewellery box. But what kind of party animal are you? Do you like the subtle and sophisticated going-out look or are you a shimmering, disco diva? Whatever you like to wear for those big nights out, we've got the perfect jewellery to bring that...
  9. Glorious Autumn colours

    Glorious Autumn colours
    Autumn colours are a bit different this year. Colour is making a comeback - and it’s glorious. Gone are the usual blacks and greys - and brilliant pinks, purples, greens, blues, yellows and reds have taken their place. The brighter the better, in fact, for this autumn's colour palette. But don’t despair if you’re not a colour person. With the...
  10. Jewellery thank you gifts

    Jewellery thank you gifts
    Say 'thank you' with jewellery gifts, from Niche Online. Choose the perfect gift to thank friends, family, bridesmaids and more from our wide selection.

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