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Ring Size Guide

Looking for a new ring or choosing a ring as a gift for a loved one? Here are two ways to measure for ring size at home.

Once you have your measurement, refer to our table below to find the correct ring size, or to convert from one ring size scale to another.

Two ways to measure for a ring

1. Finger circumference

You'll need:

1. A flexible measuring tape OR a piece of string / a thin strip of paper and a ruler

2. The finger you want to wear the ring on!

Step 1: Place the measuring tape around the finger you want to wear the new ring on to measure the circumference.

Alternatively you can mark string or a strip of paper to the circumference of your finger, and measure that length against a ruler.

Step 2: Refer to the Circumference column in the table below.

2. Ring diameter

You'll need:

1. An existing ring that fits the finger you want to wear the new ring on

2. A ruler or a measuring tape

Step 1: Place your ring over the measuring tape or ruler. Measure across the widest distance between two points on the inside of the ring to get a diameter.

Step 2: Refer to the Diameter column in the table below to find your ring size.

This method works best if the ring is a gift and you don't want to ask for the size. But makes sure you choose a ring that is worn on the same finger the new ring is for.

Once you have measured the finger or ring, use the table below as a guideline to determine your ring size or compare your usual ring size to our major ring brands.

Remember there are several different ring sizing systems. If you have a printer, you can download a printable ring sizer here.

Ring size comparison chart

* Clogau, Kit Heath, Jersey Pearl, Engagement and Wedding ring sizing

** Thomas Sabo and Sif Jakobs ring sizing

Ring sizing tips

When choosing a ring size, choose the size for the largest finger you’ll be wearing the ring on.

When stacking multiple rings or choosing a wider shank ring, consider selecting one size up from your normal ring size for a more comfortable fit.

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