Hoop earrings are a favourite of ours and we think they should be a staple of any jewellery collection. Why? They’re comfortable, versatile and elegant, with so much variety to explore! Find your perfect pair of hoops below.

Why we love hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are like the little black dress of the jewellery world. A jewellery essential and everyone should have at least one pair in their jewellery box. These days however, the world of hoops has expanded beyond imagination. So much so, that there are countless possibilities out there to explore. With endless ideas for extending your hoop collection. 

Lots of gold hoop earrings

Which hoops to choose?

Available in a multitude of sizes, metals and designs. Hoops come adorned in a wide spectrum of decoration, from engraving to cute little add-ons like charms. With this world of choice at your fingertips, you may wonder which to invest in. Which is why we've outlined all the main hoop categories for you below, with ideas on where to wear and how to style each example.

And the good news is, if you love hoops as much as we do, there's a hoop out there for every outfit and occasion. Find a favourite pair to wear with everything, or curate an artful earful that you can continuously remake.

Here are a few of our favourites to get you started on the path to hoop happiness! We’re starting small and working our way up!

Ania Haie mother of pearl hoop earrings

Huggie hoop earrings

What are huggie earrings? Simply put, they’re very small hoops that ‘hug’ the ear. Huggies make the perfect finishing touch to an ear stack and because they sit close to the curve of the ear are super comfortable to wear. As with all hoops, there are multiple variations available, from the plain and simple to the more decorative. Many variations now come decorated with charms or gemstone droplets. 

Scream pretty black huggies

Small hoops

Small hoops are great for everyday wear. They look professional enough for the office and stylish for socialising. We’d recommend having a pair in silver and gold to cover every occasion, but there are multiple other designs to choose from. More interesting versions might come with engraved patterns or coloured stone detailing. We’ve even got our eye on a pair of pearl studded small hoops that are just dreamy...

Small hoops

Big hoops

A pair of large hoops adds instant glamour to any outfit. They look great with t-shirts and jeans, as well as paired with more elegant wear for heading out. We love the simple elegance of a pair of large, gold hoop earrings. But as with the small hoops, there are plenty of more decorative designs to choose from too. Including variations with crystals, or twisted metal. Hoops might also come with gemstones, pearls or other charms attached.

Hoop earrings by Ania haie

Statement hoop earrings

Statement hoop earrings are a lot of fun. From the oversized and OTT crystal encrusted designs of Swarovski. To the vintage glass creations of Shyla - and everything in between. Wear them to bring sparkle and glamour to your evening attire. Or to create instant impact with your casual jeans and t-shirts.

Amelia scott hoops

A pair of statement hoops is perfect when your outfit is monotone, especially if you’re wearing black, navy, white or cream. But, also stunning with red and other block colours. We love Amelia Scott’s statement hoops in her signature emerald green and flamingo pink, for a lovely dose of colour and sparkle. And Sif Jakobs' rainbow stone hoops for their fun style.

Thomas sabo hoops

Gold hoops, rose gold hoops or silver hoops?

Hoops can be found in all the above metals and each one has its uses. Rose gold is gorgeous against sun-kissed warm skin, or paler tones. Yellow gold and silver look lovely with mid and darker skin tones. Choose one metal or mix them up.

Daisy twisted rope earrings


Stacking hoops

As well as choosing your favourite pair, there’s the opportunity to wear more than one, with the perfectly stacked ear. Hoops look amazing as part of an ear stack. Mix them with studs, or create a graded scale of different hoop sizes and designs, from largest up to small huggies.

Gold hoop earrings