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February 2024

  1. Make Mother’s Day magical

    Make Mother’s Day magical
    Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate the mother figures in your life. What's better than a special piece of jewellery to show your appreciation? Carefully chosen and given with love. Why jewellery makes a magical Mother’s Day gift I know we’re biassed, but we think jewellery is always a special gift. We do have plenty of good reasons to...
  2. Amelia Scott: discover a world of colour

    Amelia Scott: discover a world of colour
    Move over minimalism, because Amelia Scott has landed. Bringing you gorgeous, glamorous pieces from the very latest brand to join the Niche family. A world of pure imagination If you love colour and sparkle, you’re in the right place, because the wonderful, whimsical world of Amelia Scott is brimming over with both. Reminding us of Willy Wonka’s impeccable style, unwavering...
  3. What’s on your Valentine’s wish list?

    What’s on your Valentine’s wish list?
    Hoping to receive the gift of your dreams this Valentine’s Day? Worried you might get something that just isn't you? Why not help steer things in the right direction by making your very own Valentine’s wish list, with a little help from us. Why make a Valentine’s wish list? Ok, so the main advantage of making your own wish list...

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