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July 2023

  1. How to wear: stud earrings

    How to wear: stud earrings
    How well do you know your stud earrings? Having been through a bit of a renaissance in recent years, there’s a lot more to wearing modern stud earrings than you might think. Find out what more you need to know about this jewellery staple.   Doesn’t everyone know how to wear stud earrings? Stud earrings used to be simple. You...
  2. Welcome: IX Studios

    Welcome: IX Studios
    Introducing our latest addition to the Niche family, IX Studios. Deliciously Danish modern classics with sleek lines and chunky, textured finishes.    Introducing IX Studios: The Danes are coming Well actually, they’ve already arrived. IX Studios is the latest brand that we’ve welcomed into the Niche family and they come with some top Danish design credentials.  Founded by Designer Louise...
  3. 10 Summer necklaces every girl should own

    10 Summer necklaces every girl should own
    Looking for those perfect summer necklaces that you can wear with just about anything? If you need an easy to wear necklace that elevates your look day-or-night, then look no further. We’ve gathered ten of our favourites for you to discover, so read on, enjoy and no doubt come to love them as much as we do.   Why are...

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