Meet Georgini, Australia’s favourite jewellery brand and the latest addition to the Niche Jewellery collection. Choose their cute, comfortable jewellery pieces to elevate your look, day or night, with hints or sparkle and subtle glamour.

Georgini boxes

Who is Georgini?

Georgini jewellery is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. They’ve been a favourite down under since 2004, but until now, they haven’t been seen much on British shores. Niche Jewellery is proud to correct this error and make them part of our collection. We look forward to sharing the delight of their understated glamour with you all.

What they do

Georgini’s jewellery is simple, stylish and easy to wear. Minimalist pieces combine cut stones with gold and silver to create a sophisticated collection. A series of pieces that look just as at home in the office, in the city or at the trendiest evening hangouts. Smart, casual and refined, each piece of jewellery complements a professional, modern look. Use them as the finishing touches to your boss girl look in the office, or as an understated air of glamour for dining out. 

Why we love them

Georgini combines quality materials with simple motifs that embrace a minimal, modern look. Made with sterling silver, rhodium, 18ct yellow gold, or 18ct rose gold plating combined with sparkling stones or classic pearls. We love that every piece is so easy to wear, alone or stacked, without overwhelming an outfit. Their perfect simplicity makes them easy to gift and ideal for elevating your look from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Woman wearing Georgini necklace

Favourite Georgini pieces (and how to wear them)

We love all their pieces of course! But if we had to pick favourites, we love the Noosa freshwater pearl necklace in silver and gold. A super cute piece with a single pearl and sparkling gemstone pendant. Perfect for lunch in the city or days at the beach. The single pearl looks stunning alongside simple blouses or floaty dresses.

For casual occasions, we love the Sorbet Candy Cupid necklace, for its fun and frivolous classic heart shaped design. Wear it with jeans and a t-shirt for a laid back and gorgeous look. 

Cupid sorbet necklace

When we’re looking to bring some powerful glamour to our outfit, we’ll be reaching for our Maeve Pave hoops. Ideal for bossing meetings and then heading out to dinner to celebrate your success.

Maeve pave hoops


But for those looking for something a little more delicate, the Goddess Freya earrings bring a touch of elegance and charm to evening attire. Simple, yet so pretty and sophisticated. They make the perfect accompaniment to your little black dress.

Goddess freya earrings