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Styling with Nomination Italy

Styling with Nomination

Nomination Italy creates stylish and affordable jewellery with Italian flair. Originating in Florence, Nomination comes straight from the heart of the Italian centre of fashion and high-quality craftsmanship.

The founder of Nomination wanted to create innovative modular bracelets for women and men of all ages and backgrounds. From there the Nomination charm bracelet was born, along with a stunning collection of jewellery including necklaces, watches and rings alongside the iconic Composable bracelet.

One of the things we love most about Nomination charms is the vast range of designs. Featuring different metal colours and stones, occasions, people and sentiments, you can create a completely unique design.

Nomination bracelet

Nomination has popularised the use of stainless steel in jewellery design. Hard-wearing and hypoallergenic with a non-tarnish silver-grey appearance, stainless steel is now recognised as an excellent base for fashionable jewellery at an affordable price.

Many of the charms in the Composable bracelet collection are embellished with yellow or rose gold, sterling silver, and different coloured stones or birthstones.

Although Nomination includes jewellery of all types, their charm bracelets are one of the most popular designs.Nomination Bracelets

How Nomination Composable works

Composable is the modular bracelet you can personalise. Individual stainless steel links of different styles and themes are attached together using an ingenious spring mechanism.

You can combine these links to create a bracelet spelling out your own name, representing loved ones, or with colours and themes that inspire you.

Once you purchase a base bracelet and replace the tiles on your bracelet with beautiful charms, one by one your Nomination bracelet takes shape. And the best thing is the spare links can then be used to form you next bracelet!

You can also create a watch or necklace with the same Composable concept.

How do I style Nomination?

Styling with Nomination is easy. Add meaningful charms to represent loved ones or pivotal moments and milestones.

Or simply style in your favourite colours and stones. Add charms that show you are and what you love doing.

One of the best things about Nomination is that as you add charms to your bracelet, the blank tiles you remove can be used to create a new one.

Layer up your Nomination bracelets for a bolder look. Even add a Nomination watch.

For inspiration on our different themed charms, browse our range of Nomination charms for different occasions and interests.

And you can even stack your bracelets with each other and with other bracelets for different looks. Then add different jewellery pieces like watches or the SeiMia collection for an even more stylish combination.

Find out more about styling Nomination in our blog How to wear Nomination charm bracelets.

Get started with Nomination

Begin with a starter bracelet and one or more Nomination charms. There are endless ways to tell your story with charms and symbols. Start with just a few charms and collect more when you deserve a treat.

Nomination Bracelets

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Shop Nomination charms, bracelets and watches

Find your unique style and tell your story with Nomination charms and jewellery. Affordable, stylish and meaningful, Nomination is taking Italian style global.

With Italian design flair and affordable jewellery options, Nomination also makes the perfect gift for someone to start or add to their Nomination collection.

Plus you'll have gift ideas for many occasions to come. It's a win win!

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Niche Jewellery is an official Nomination stockist. We offer free delivery and easy returns.

Create beautiful and on-trend jewellery looks with Nomination and make your jewellery completely unique to you.

Discover unique and personalised charms from Nomination. Perfect for gifting or creating a new look.

Start or continue your Nomination journey today at Niche Jewellery.

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