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Shop Thomas Sabo Jewellery Online UK

If you’re looking to buy Thomas Sabo jewellery or watches online, you’re in the right place. Niche Jewellery is an official stockist of Thomas Sabo UK – adding glamour and soul to jewellery collections since 1984. Get Rita Ora's look with the latest ranges by Thomas Sabo at Niche Jewellery online.

Shop Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club to individualise your style or Thomas Sabo Watches for that perfect timepiece.

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  1. Thomas Sabo Royalty Gold Ring
    Special Price £83.00 Regular Price £119.00
  2. Thomas Sabo "Red Lipstick" Charm Pendant
    Special Price £27.00 Regular Price £39.00
  3. Thomas Sabo "Snake" Charm Pendant
    Special Price £27.00 Regular Price £39.00
  4. Thomas Sabo 'Anchor with Heart' Bracelet
    Special Price £63.00 Regular Price £89.00
  5. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Ethnic Gold
    Special Price £69.00 Regular Price £98.00
  6. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Mayan Calendar
    Special Price £89.00 Regular Price £129.00
  7. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Pink Enamel Flamingo
    Special Price £43.00 Regular Price £55.00
  8. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Vintage Hand
    Special Price £69.00 Regular Price £98.00
  9. Thomas Sabo Royalty Gold Hoop Earrings
    Special Price £129.00 Regular Price £198.00
  10. Thomas Sabo 'Classic White' Silver and Diamond Ring
    Special Price £249.00 Regular Price £398.00
  11. Thomas Sabo 'Ethnic' Ring
    Special Price £39.00 Regular Price £59.00
  12. Thomas Sabo 'Heart' Pendant, Rose
    Special Price £39.00 Regular Price £59.00
  13. Thomas Sabo 'Together Heart' Bracelet - Rose and Red
    Special Price £111.00 Regular Price £159.00
  14. Thomas Sabo Africa Ornaments Silver Earrings
    Special Price £99.00 Regular Price £239.00
  15. Thomas Sabo Africa Triangle Gold Necklace
    Special Price £79.00 Regular Price £169.00
  16. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Pavé Moon
    Special Price £69.00 Regular Price £98.00
  17. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Silver T-Rex Dinosaur
    Special Price £39.00 Regular Price £49.00
  18. Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant, Turquoise Heart
    Special Price £39.00 Regular Price £49.00
  19. Thomas Sabo Classic Rose Gold Love Bridge Bracelet
    Special Price £83.00 Regular Price £119.00
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178 items

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Where Thomas Sabo started

In 1984, entrepreneur Thomas Sabo built the foundations for a company that was to become the embodiment of high-end silver jewellery within a period of just a few years. Since then, the brand has made a name for itself internationally with hand-finished jewellery creations and a growing selection of watches. 

Who is behind Thomas Sabo? 

Thomas Sabo is still run by its owner and namesake. As a medium-sized, owner-run enterprise, Thomas Sabo has retained the values and the pioneering spirit of a family company. The company is comprised of people who are committed, dynamic and innovative. Thomas Sabo Jewellery designs are personal, unique and emotive – and the designers have a passion for creating new ones every day. The entire range of jewellery and watches is created by a team of international designers at Thomas Sabo headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz near Nuremburg, Germany. 

What is unique about Thomas Sabo? 

Thomas Sabo collections bear the unmistakable signature style of the company founder himself - a unique mix of glamour, rock n roll, nostalgia and modern design. With a sensitivity for trends, flawless attention to detail and a passion for jewellery, Thomas Sabo gave Sterling silver a whole new look and significance in the 1980s. The Thomas Sabo team is constantly working on further driving this vision into the future, and the aim of all Thomas Sabo designs is to create glamorous charisma, a unique look and modern diversity. Whether a spectacular pendant crafted from Sterling silver, a luxurious bracelet with hand-cut stones, a unique eye-catcher for an elegant business outfit or a dazzling addition to a fabulous party dress - every piece of jewellery bearing the Thomas Sabo name makes a real statement and can be beautifully combined with each other.

Why we love Thomas Sabo jewellery

At Niche Jewellery we have carefully selected each of our brands in response to our customers' needs and wants for their jewellery collection. We noticed that customers wanted edgy designs that made a statement, as well as charm jewellery that was more cutting edge than 'the usual'. With unique ways of putting designs together, interesting finishes and stunning handcrafting, Thomas Sabo jewellery is easily identifiable and brilliant for mixing and matching to create a look for every occasion. We've been working with Thomas Sabo for many years, and their evolving designs never fail to impress our customers and staff alike.

Buy Thomas Sabo online UK

Niche Jewellery is an official Thomas Sabo stockist UK. We stock a large range of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earring and rings, as well as watches and the unmistakeble Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club range and Thomas Sabo watches. Niche Jewellery is the place to shop for your new Thomas Sabo piece, or to find a fabulous gift for a friend or loved one. Every piece of Thomas Sabo jewellery comes beautifully presented in branded jewellery gift packaging. Buy Thomas Sabo jewellery online at Niche Jewellery, with free UK delivery and 30 day returns. Discover Thomas Sabo or add to your Thomas Sabo collection at Niche Jewellery today.