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More about Annie Haak Designs

If you’re looking to buy Annie Haak jewellery online, you’ve landed at the right place. Niche Jewellery is proud to be an official Annie Haak stockist for all your stackable jewellery needs – for every occasion. We are an independent jewellery retailer with a large range of high quality jewellery at affordable prices, including gorgeous Sterling Silver jewellery and bracelets by Annie Haak.

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  1. Annie Haak Marquise Silver Earrings - Hematite
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How Annie Haak Jewellery started

Annie Haak's dream began to take shape after her husband Johnie was injured in a motorcycle accident in Bali. Annie believed that Johnie's Guardian Angel was watching over him that day, which inspired Annie Haak's ‘My Guardian Angel’ charm. On that trip to Bali, Annie was introduced to a local silversmith who breathed life into her designs, after which the brand Annie Haak Jewellery was born.

Who is Annie Haak?

Annie Haak is a UK based jewellery brand, founded by Annie Haak herself. Annie spends much of her time in Bali. where she gets a lot of the inspiration for her designs from the island. Her influences are gathered from many aspects of Bali life from the local plants and animals, the people and the colours and patterns found in local markets and villages on the island. Whilst bracelets are the staple of Annie's collection, her designs also include earrings, necklaces and rings.

What is unique about Annie Haak?

Annie Haak Designs is one of the original stacking brands. Anni Haak bracelets are hand-threaded onto high-quality jewellery elastic in the UK. With a stretch fit available in two sizes, Annie Haak bracelets are easy and comfortable to wear. They look stunning on their own, or stacked together to create a combination of colours, textures and charms. This makes the bracelets extremely collectible, and they also make fantastic gifts. The meaningful charms enable you to collect bracelets to represent different concepts or people in your life, and the motto charms give a special message.

Why we love Annie Haak Jewellery?

At Niche Jewellery we have carefully selected each of our brands in response to our customers needs and wants for their jewellery collection. We have been working with Annie Haak for many years now, beginning when we noticed that our customers wanted high-quality sterling silver jewellery that was both easy to wear and had meaning. That, with the ongoing trend for collectible and stackable jewellery, inspired us to begin working with Annie Haak to curate a collection that has become extremely popular both in our store and online, with new collections released each season to inspire our customers' style.

Buy Annie Haak Jewellery online UK

Niche Jewellery is an official Annie Haak stockist UK. With a large range of Anni Haak bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Niche Jewellery is the place to browse for your new Annie Haak design, or find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. All Annie Haak jewellery comes beautifully presented in luxury branded jewellery gift packaging. Buy Annie Haak jewellery online at Niche Jewellery, with free UK delivery and 30 day returns. Discover Annie Haak Designs at Niche Jewellery today.