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Women's Earrings

Find your perfect earrings for women from our selection of gold and silver ladies earrings - studs earrings, hoop earrings, drop earrings and statement earrings online.


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  1. Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Lace Earrings

    Special Price £204.00 Regular Price £280.00
  2. Sif Jakobs Fucino Lungo Earrings with Black Zirconia

    Special Price £69.00 Regular Price £129.00
  3. PDPaola Duke Hoop Earrings - Silver

    Special Price £48.75 Regular Price £65.00
  4. PDPaola Nexa Earrings - Silver and Zirconia

    Special Price £60.00 Regular Price £80.00
  5. PDPaola Volcano Gold Hoop Earrings

    Special Price £67.50 Regular Price £90.00
  6. PDPaola Mini Magma Hoop Earrings - Gold

    Special Price £48.75 Regular Price £65.00
  7. PDPaola Delta Hoop Earrings - Gold and Zirconia

    Special Price £48.75 Regular Price £65.00
  8. PDPaola Onda Hoop Earrings - Gold and Zirconia

    Special Price £46.50 Regular Price £62.00
  9. PDPaola Vivi Multicolour Gold Hoop Earrings

    Special Price £56.25 Regular Price £75.00
  10. PDPaola Coral Hoop Earrings

    Special Price £63.00 Regular Price £84.00
  11. PDPaola Lava Hoop Earrings - Gold

    Special Price £70.50 Regular Price £94.00
  12. PDPaola Duke Hoop Earrings - Gold

    Special Price £48.75 Regular Price £65.00
  13. PDPaola Green Aventurine Nomad Hoop Earrings - Gold

    Special Price £60.00 Regular Price £80.00
  14. PDPaola Large Sugar Earrings - Gold

    Special Price £70.50 Regular Price £94.00
  15. PDPaola Nexa Earrings - Gold and Zirconia

    Special Price £60.00 Regular Price £80.00
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Items 1-72 of 613

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Buy Earrings For Women in UK

Earrings for women and girls - At Niche Jewellery we have curated a stunning collection of high-quality ladies' earrings from a range of beautiful but affordable jewelry brands and designers. Buy women's earrings online with the peace of mind that you can shop securely with free UK delivery on orders over £25. But if you would like to speak to a member of staff about your order of Earrings for women or have any questions about our products like stud earringsdrop earrings, or diamond and gold earrings, our team is available Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and you can contact us here.

Latest designs for Ladies' earrings

Choose from sleek and modern earrings for women, cutting-edge designer earrings for women, or classic silver ladies' earrings or gold earrings, all from some of the leading jewelry brands and designers. With these women's stud earrings UK, you can up your ear game. If you have more than one ear piercing you can create a whole new look with layered earring styles including stud earrings for women and hoop earrings for women. Add in ear cuffs and you can create an on-trend curated earing style.  Pearl earrings also make a wonderful statement and can be worn in either classic or modern styles.

What are the best earrings for women made of?

Our fashionable ladies earrings online collection includes many different high-quality materials such as sterling silver earrings, gold-plated silver, rhodium-plated silver, or hypoallergenic stainless steel. Our luxury collection of earrings for women includes 9ct and 18ct yellow or white gold and diamonds earrings, with many designs of earrings for women available online and in our Leigh-on-Sea store

Ear piercing in Leigh-on-Sea

At Niche Jewellery we offer an ear piercing service in-store using the unique, safe, and gentle Inverness ear piercing system along with the latest designer earrings for women. Find out more about ear piercing in Leigh-on-Sea at Niche Jewellery. The earrings you choose for your ear piercing from our Inverness selection are stored in an airtight cartridge and are dispensed straight into the ears, making them sterile. The special tool used for piercing is operated by hand pressure, with no high-pressure spring loading. The ear studs used for piercing have a fine point to minimize discomfort and are fixed with a safety clasp to keep them in place for the first few weeks after ear piercing.

Shop earrings for women online at Niche Jewellery

Our range of earrings for women features stud earrings for womenhoop earrings, chandelier earrings, ear cuffs, single earrings, and ear jackets. You can customize your look with layered women's earrings if you have more than one ear piercing, or by wearing an ear cuff that doesn't require a piercing. You can explore a wide range of earrings for women online and buy from our latest collection of ladies earrings. Earrings make a thoughtful gift for your wife, girlfriend, or mother to make them feel special. Choose gold earrings for women, silver earrings, crystal earrings,  gemstone earrings, or statement earrings online at Niche Jewellery in the UK. 

Besides Earrings shop for Necklaces and Bracelets for Women Online from Niche Jewellery in the United Kingdom at ultimate prices and different varieties.

What people mostly buy from Niche Jewellery:

  1. March Birthstone Earrings - Sterling Silver

  2. Swarovski Tennis Stud Pierced Earrings - White with Rhodium Plating

  3. Swarovski Tropical Leaf Pierced Earrings - Green - Gold-tone Plating

  4. Swarovski Spirit Pierced Earrings - White - Rhodium Plated

  5. Swarovski Bella Heart Pierced Earrings - Rhodium Plated

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Some of the most popular styles of earrings today include stud earrings, hoop earrings and drop earrings. Niche Jewellery provides a large selection of carefully chosen earring designs that can complement an outfit, express personal style, or make a fashion statement. Earrings also make the perfect gift because you can never have too many!

For everyday wear, simple and classic styles of earrings are often best. Some top-notch options include:

  • Stud earrings: These are small, discrete earrings that sit close to the earlobe and are typically finished with a post and butterfly closure. Studs are usually the first style of earring worn after a child first has their ears pierced. For adults, stud earrings are great for multiple ear piercings for a curated ear look.
  • Hoop earrings: Hoops are a versatile and popular option for everyday wear. Once again, you can wear them as a simple statement or layer them up. Huggie hoops are particularly popular for everyday wear due to their smaller size and comfort for continuous wear.
  • Drop earrings: These are either stud, hoop or hook earrings with a charm or drop the element to their design. Hook earrings are great for everyday wear since they are easy to put on and remove.
Ultimately, the best earrings for everyday wear will depend on your style and the outfits you typically wear. Choose from our carefully curated selection of earrings from leading jewellery designers and brands to complement an outfit or express your personality.

Earrings can be used to complement the shape of a person's face and create a balanced look. For a round face, earrings that create the illusion of length or angular lines can be a good choice. Some options include drop earrings, hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, or long stud earrings. At Niche Jewellery we stock a wide range of options so you achieve your desired look. And whatever the shape of your face, the most important thing is how much you love your new earrings, and feeling great you in them.