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  1. A Christmas Proposal

    A Christmas Proposal
    Here at Niche we think there's nothing more romantic than a Christmas proposal. So if you’re thinking about getting down on one knee over the festive period, we’ve got great ideas to share on how to make an irresistible proposal. Not only that, we can help you choose the perfect ring to melt hearts and create memories to cherish for...
  2. All you want for Christmas, at Niche

    All you want for Christmas, at Niche
    Our Niche Christmas Gift Guide has something for everyone. Bring extra sparkle to the ones you love this Christmas with a little help from the Niche Online team. We've got perfect gift ideas for the trendsetters and teenage dreamers in your life, the special people at the heart of your family and even the ones who seem to have everything...
  3. Choosing jewellery for your Valentine

    Choosing jewellery for your Valentine
    Jewellery is romantic and intimate, which makes it the perfect gift for your valentine. But choose wisely. You can say a lot with something small and sparkly. So make sure you’re sending the right message. Luckily we've got ideas for every taste, budget and stage of relationship. From small tokens of appreciation to the stylishly romantic and truly heart-stopping, we'll help...
  4. Jewellery to beat the January blues

    Jewellery to beat the January blues
    Let’s face it, January is always hard, but this year especially so. It hasn’t been the start to the New Year we were all hoping for and we could all do with some cheering up. But don't worry, from birthstones to beautiful pieces, we've got January jewellery to treat yourself or spoil your loved ones and beat the January blues...
  5. Choosing the perfect wedding band for her

    Choosing the perfect wedding band for her
    Choosing your wedding bands is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding.    Forget about the guest list and table settings for a moment. Because when all the cake’s been eaten, presents opened and the guests have gone home, your wedding bands will be your lasting reminder of the big day.   Not to mention...
  6. October Birthstone Gifts in Opal and Rose

    October Birthstone Gifts in Opal and Rose
    If you know someone with a birthday this month, their October birthstone is Opal and Rose - and we have a range of jewellery gift options for you to choose from.   Birthstone jewellery is always a thoughtful gift to give when celebrating the birthday of a loved one. October birthstone opals are radiant precious stones. Once the gem of...
  7. Are lab grown diamonds real?

    Are lab grown diamonds real?
    Many people ask 'Are lab grown diamonds real?'. Diamonds created in a laboratory are exactly that, diamonds. They are not fake and have the same chemical and physical composition to 'real' diamonds. So the answer is yes, they are real Stones such as cubic zirconia, mossanite, and clear Swarovski crystal look similar to diamonds. But in fact these are different...
  8. How to propose in 2020

    How to propose in 2020
    What is the best way to propose? 2020 is a new decade with new trends developing and new traditions being built as we speak. If you are thinking of proposing marriage this year - here's some news for you. Times have changed. Thank goodness. No longer does a man have to propose on one knee with a diamond engagement ring...
  9. Engagement ring trends to inspire

    Engagement ring trends to inspire
    If you're likely to get engaged to be married in the next year or are thinking about proposing, engagement ring trends are a great place to start. You should definitely also start with research into diamond quality and the different metals available. But once that's ticked off, one of the biggest unknowns for couples shopping for an engagement ring is...
  10. Inspiring engagement rings

    Inspiring engagement rings
    Are you looking for inspiration on engagement rings? There is so much choice that it can be overwhelming. So where do you start? Instagram and Pinterest are both great places to get inspiration. Or find ideas in magazines like Vogue and Grazia. An experienced jeweller can also guide you through the process. Here we share with you some practical tips...

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