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  1. December birthday blues

    December birthday blues
    December is looming, and we all know birthdays can be tricky. According to research by flower giant Interflora, 16 December is the worst day to celebrate a birthday. Due in part to its nearness to Christmas, the mid December birthday is also least favoured due to the cold Northern Hemisphere weather and the likelihood of it being forgotten in the...
  2. Christmas is coming

    Christmas is coming
    It's no secret - it happens every year. The number of shopping days until Christmas is rapidly dwindling and the time has come to get serious. We know it can be difficult to buy for those ladies in your life - whether it's a BFF, good friend, your sister, mum, girlfriend or wife. From our years of experience working with...
  3. Charm your way to unique style

    Charm your way to unique style
    Charm jewellery is the perfect way to build up your jewellery collection whilst keeping it versatile. With only a little effort, you can create the perfect jewellery look for every occasion. Charm jewellery has had its ups and downs. Some of us may remember in our childhood having a tarnished silver charm bracelet in a box that was only cleaned...
  4. Favourite watches of 2018

    Favourite watches of 2018
    Luxury watches are definitely a thing for women as well as men these days - Rolex, Omega, Tissot, Patek Philippe and the like. If you can afford one (or more!), that's brilliant news. If not, don't despair - there are many good quality, stylish watches on the market for under £200. If you think of a watch like any other...
  5. The rage for rose gold

    The rage for rose gold
    Rose gold is starting to be knows as the trend that just won't die. With the resurgence of popularity of rose gold in watches and jewellery as far back as 2014, many industry professionals have questioned time and time again when this trend will die down. The rage for rose Whilst many did not expect the rage for rose gold...
  6. Royal jewellery style tips

    Royal jewellery style tips
    Gone are the days matchmaking to choose a ‘suitable’ partner for young royals, which means Royal families across the globe are increasingly more realistic style icons for everyday girls (and boys, but we’re all about ladies’ jewellery here at Niche)! With the recent nuptials of Prince William to Catherine, Prince Harry to Meghan and not long before them, Prince Frederik...
  7. Spotlight on stones - Morganite

    Spotlight on stones - Morganite
    Morganite has grown in popularity in recent years, with its pastel pink to peach stones featuring in many an Instagram post. Now a popular choice for non-traditional engagement rings, morganite looks particularly stunning in a rose gold setting, which has also had a surge in popularity recently. More about Morganite According to the all-knowing GIA, Morganite is the pink to...
  8. Day to night jewellery style

    Day to night jewellery style
    With the festive season fast approaching, there will be parties, outings and festive gatherings galore. How do you manage your look for daytime activities and seamlessly move to night time knock-out style, without popping home for a 3-hour prep session? The trick is choosing clothing and accessories that can be dressed up or down with a little creativity. Here are...
  9. Disney Lover's Gift Guide

    Disney Lover's Gift Guide
    The Magical Kingdom is no longer the stuff only kids dream of. More and more people are carrying an interest in all things Disney into adulthood. With the remake of so many Disney Classics and a Magical Kingdom just across the channel, who doesn't love Disney on some level? If you are pondering gift ideas this Christmas, and know a...
  10. 4 wearable trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

    4 wearable trends for Autumn/Winter 2018
    When the models stepped onto the catwalk to showcase AW18/19 fashion collections, one thing was clear - jewellery will take centre stage this season. Whilst few of us take our trends direct from the bold and gutsy designs of fashion week, we can take the ideas and transform them into many wearable designs for your every day. Bolder chokers Chokers...

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