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September 2020

  1. 5 statement necklaces to wear in Autumn

    5 statement necklaces to wear in Autumn
    As the weather turns cooler, it may be time to swap out the shorts and t-shirts in your wardrobe for warmer clothes. And with the changing weather comes a style change. Statement necklaces are a great way to add interest to your Autumn capsule wardrobe. Autumn is great for jeans or a pleated skirt with a light jumper, or dresses...
  2. New favourite charms to collect

    New favourite charms to collect
    Charms are the perfect way to tell your story. The great thing about charm jewellery is that it is both stylish and personalised. You can use it to create your unique style or to symbolise memories, interests, or loved ones. We love the versatility of charm jewellery. Wear charms on a bracelet or necklace, on their own or in combination...
  3. September birthstone gifts - Sapphire

    September birthstone gifts - Sapphire
    The birthstone for September is sapphire. The deep blue stone is reminiscent of Royalty. And if natural sapphire isn't quite within budget, beautiful blue zirconia or Swarovski Crystal makes the perfect gift or treat to yourself. September birthstone gifts are a popular choice for those who celebrate a birthday in the ninth month of the year. September birthdays bring the...

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