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Buy Les Georgettes Online UK

If you’re looking to buy Les Georgettes jewellery online, you’ve in the right place. Niche Jewellery is an official stockist of Les Georgettes Jewellery UK – the original French customisable jewellery. Change your look by wearing your Les Georgettes bracelet alone or with a reversible leather insert. Mix, match and style with Les Georgettes jewellery, handcrafted in France.


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Where Les Georgettes started

Les Georgettes is a joint creation by France’s leading jewelry manufacturer and a leather goods manufacturer in Brittany. Together, Altesse and Texier have created a unique and original concept which allows the wearer to create different looks with one piece of jewellery, using reversible and interchangeable leather inserts. Officially recognised as part of France’s National Heritage (Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant), both companies are part of the Renaissance Luxury Group. Les Georgette's designs are patent pending and trademarked – a guarantee of their exclusivity and quality. 

Who is behind Les Georgettes? 

Created by Maison Altesse and Texier, Les Georgettes is an innovative concept which combines customisable jewellery with interchangeable colours. Originally founded with the popular Les Georgettes bracelet cuff, the company has now expaneded their designs to include rings, earrings, pendants and now even handbags and watches. With Les Georgettes, you can change the colour of your jewellery to match your outfit, your mood or the occasion. Wear the designs alone, or with a reversible leather insert that comes in many inspiring colours and textures. 

What is unique about Les Georgettes?

Les Georgettes produces high quality bracelets in different widths which can be easily customised and are extremely versatile. Choose your jewellery size, design and finish, paired with your choice of interchangeable leather or fluid-perspex inserts to change the colour and look of your jewellery. Explore the endless possibilities when you create your own unique Les Georgettes piece of jewellery, or start a collection to create looks for different occasions. The original customisable French jewellery brand is not only designed in France, but is also made locally with the finest French craftsmanship, yet is known internationally for its unique concept and vibrant style. 

Why we love Les Georgettes

At Niche Jewellery we have carefully selected each of our brands in response to our customers' needs and wants for their jewellery collection. We noticed that our customers love to be able to create unique looks using just a few pieces, making their jewellery extremely wearable and versatile. Rather than buying an individual piece or set for every different occasion, Les Georgettes allows fashion-conscious consumers to create different looks for different occasions with just one or two designs and inserts. Les Georgettes embodies our own strapline 'Niche Jewellery - for every occasion', and has become very popular with our customers over the past 5 years or so. 

Buy Les Georgettes online UK

Niche Jewellery is an official Les Georgettes stockist UK. With a large range of bracelet cuffs of different widths and a huge range of stunning leather insert colours, Niche Jewellery is the place to shop for your new Les Georgettes piece, or find a gift for a friend or loved one. All Les Georgettes jewellery comes beautifully presented in luxury branded jewellery gift packaging. Buy Les Georgettes jewellery online at Niche Jewellery, with free UK delivery and 30 day returns. Discover Les Georgettes at Niche Jewellery today.