Time to jump in and embrace all the joy that colour can bring this summer, with this season’s trending shades. This summer it’s all about colour. But if you usually feel much more at home in your neutral or monotone shades don't worry. The colours of the season are easy to wear and look amazing. Discover the colours to look out for  and how to wear them, in the latest Style Edit.

Why choose colour?

Don’t worry if you’re not usually a colour fan, because this season’s selection of trending shades is a sophisticated bunch. There’s no pressure to wear brash, neon colours (unless you’re into it). We’re talking soft golds, greens and blues, subdued reds and gentle lilacs. Mixed with a couple of comforting classics, like porcelain white, warm neutrals and greys.

What colours are trending?

Pantone is the authority on colour, including all the latest trends. As New York Fashion Week kicked off earlier this year, they announced their colour predictions to look out for this season. Predictions for big trends in SS24 included 10 shades that ranged from denim and sky blues, to warm and zesty lemon yellow, lilac, forest green, soft greys and natural browns. As the models took to the catwalk, Vogue noted that cherry reds and bright whites were also in plentiful supply. As those trends hit the high street, we look at the jewellery to go with them. How to wear the latest shades or accessorise them with that perfect, complementary piece of jewellery.

What colours should I wear?

If you’re looking to start wearing more colour in your jewellery, you'll need to know what colours will suit your hair and skin tone. Luckily we have a whole Style Edit dedicated to that subject.

But we’ve also got lots of advice below on which of the individual trending shades for SS24 will suit your profile. From wonderful warm skin tone combinations, to pale skin-and-hair perfection.

Find out which colours will suit you and how to incorporate them in your outfits, through your jewellery choices or accessorising.

Porcelain white

White is always a good choice for summer and this year is no exception. As Vogue noted, porcelain white made a prominent appearance on the SS24 catwalks. Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino's collections, for instance, included generous helpings of icing-sugar white in the form of tailored shirts and party dresses. 

White is generally easy for most people to wear, complementing almost any hair and skin combination, but particularly warm skin tones. It also goes perfectly with sunshine, beaches and breezy summer days.

When it comes to white jewellery, pearls obviously come into their own. Not only will they bring that touch of trending colour to your outfit, but they also look stunning worn with white. Modern pearl designs perfectly complement seaside, beachy vibes and look great with flowing shirts, casual surf style and summer dresses.


Thomas sabo half pearl charm necklace

If pearls aren't your thing however, white and gold also look great together and make for an alluring summer combination. Pair your white summer dress or blouse with layered golden chains and some gold hoop earrings for instant sundowner chic.

Cherry red

Summer 2024 brings with it a shade of velvety cherry red. Reminding us of sweet and juicy summer fruits, like strawberries and, well, cherries!

Rich and soft, rather than brash and brazen - this colour looks stunning on brunettes, bringing out the red tones in your hair. It also goes gloriously with green eyes. But if you have blonde hair, don't feel left out. Cherry red makes an excellent contrasting colour to add a splash to your look and really make a statement.

Look for the rouge tones of garnets, red beads and vintage red glass. Or complement your cherry red outfit with gold accessories, which look lovely alongside this sumptuous shade.

Shyla ruby colour ring

Sky blue, bright blue and azure

Blondes and those with cool skin tones, this colour trend is for you! The uplifting blues of SS24 are perfect for summer and look stunning in company with silver, which also works well for those with paler skin.

Woman wearing silver and turquoise

Jewellery with blue crystals or gemstones will go wonderfully with those trending white fabrics, but can also be used to highlight a similar shade in patterned dresses or shirts.

For those with warmer skin tones, look for gold jewellery with blue and turquoise gemstones. This will complement the pink undertones of your skin.

Annie haak turquoise colour bracelet

Lovely lilac

This gentle purple looks lovely against warm skin tones, darker blondes and red hair. Like a fresh summer breeze it brings a sense of colour without overpowering. Wear it with gold and white, or alongside green. 

Golden haze

The rich golden tones of summer are captured in a spectrum of golds and golden browns that are trending this summer. Great news for redheads, darker blondes and those with warm or neutral skin tones, who suit yellow gold.

Model wearing Shyla London champagne colour hoops

Look for gold and brown gemstones, crystals and coloured glass in champagne shades. Wear with black and white, or alongside warm coloured fabrics. 

Peppery green

Green is gorgeous with dirty blonde, black or red hair, blue, grey, green and hazel eyes, and neutral skin tones. Look for the soft, mossy greens of glass beads and aventurine or green onyx gemstones. These look amazing in gold settings and with cream, brown and neutral fabrics.

Be a rainbow warrior - all the colours

For those who love colour, there is even better news. You don’t just have to wear one colour, you can wear them all at once! 

Rainbow inspired jewellery is a huge trend right now. From pieces that embrace the full rainbow spectrum to those who have taken a trending colour and created a mini rainbow based on one shade. Look out for beautiful rainbows like this pastel piece by PD Paola and get your summer colour on!

Rainbow necklace in lots of colours from PD Paola