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March 2020

  1. New Swarovski crystal decorations

    New Swarovski crystal decorations
    Many of us are spending more time at home than usual because of the Coronavirus, so it's also a great opportunity to make our homes even more delightful. Find the new Swarovski Crystal decorations to adorn your home. We are facing unprecedented times of social distancing. But we can take this opportunity to improve our homes while we are spending...
  2. How to Clean Jewellery - Jewellery Cleaning Tips

    How to Clean Jewellery - Jewellery Cleaning Tips
    If the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global crisis has taught us something, it's that we can't always see a danger. We all try our best to wash our hands regularly and keep good hygiene practices. But we also need to think about the best way to clean jewellery. This virus has taken most of us by surprise. It has made us a...
  3. Best March birthday gift ideas

    Best March birthday gift ideas
    The sun is making more and more appearances and Spring is on the way. If you know someone who has a March birthday, show how much they mean than with a beautiful aquamarine tone. A birthstone or piece of jewellery featuring the gorgeous light blue tone of aquamarine is one of the best March birthday gift ideas. March is a...
  4. Are lab grown diamonds real?

    Are lab grown diamonds real?
    Many people ask 'Are lab grown diamonds real?'. Diamonds created in a laboratory are exactly that, diamonds. They are not fake and have the same chemical and physical composition to 'real' diamonds. So the answer is yes, they are real Stones such as cubic zirconia, mossanite, and clear Swarovski crystal look similar to diamonds. But in fact these are different...
  5. Les Georgettes - spotlight on the designer

    Les Georgettes - spotlight on the designer
    Les Georgettes is a unique, patent pending jewellery concept jointly created by France’s leading jewellery manufacturer Altesse and leather goods manufacturer Texier in Brittany. Officially recognized as part of France’s National Heritage, both of these companies are part of the Renaissance Luxury Group. Together they have created Les Georgettes, a growing range of customisable jewellery. Starting with cuff style bracelets...

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