Are you ready to embrace your inner disco diva? This year has seen a return to 70s fashion statement pieces. Glamorous, glittering looks with a hint of hippie aesthetic and a disco vibe. Here’s how to deliver on your disco diva look.

That 70s vibe

So what exactly is the 70s vibe? Well, there are a couple of looks that stand out from current seventies nostalgia. One embraces the hippie aesthetic associated with flower power and Woodstock. Think colourful bohemian patterns, crochet tops and floaty fabrics. Perfect for summer and festival chic. 

The other look embraces the glamour and glitter of the disco dancefloor. Think sparkle and spangle, Abba, Sonny and Cher, high boots, silver and gold. 

Both are vibrant, colourful and anything but understated. So get ready to embrace your inner disco diva!

PD Paola hoops

How do I accessorise the 70s disco look?

Jewellery designers have created 70s inspired collections to perfectly accessorises your 70s inspired outfits. Pieces that celebrate hippie hedonism and the bright lights of the light-up disco dance floor. Think stacked bracelets and bangles. Long gold chains and draped beads. Big chunky rings, large, gold hoops and feathery motifs.

Bangles and bracelet stacks

Bangles were a big feature in the 70s. Worn stacked up the arm and even in cuffs around the bicep. While bracelets were worn in beaded layers around the wrist. Today’s incarnation takes inspiration from both of those looks. Layered, colourful beads and chunky bangles are both trending this season. Choose one, like the gorgeous, colourful, beaded collection from Annie Haak to create the ideal festival chic look. Or get jangling on the dancefloor with Kit Heath and Ania Haie’s beautiful bangles. Of course, you can also mix it up with a combination of both.

Swarovski bracelets

Charm bracelets by annie haak

Layers, long necklaces and golden chains

Embrace the 70s vibe through your necklaces by layering long gold chains or beaded beauties. More is more with this look, so choose a statement pendant piece and add chains around it, or layer-up on colourful beads. 

Statement disco rings

The bigger the better when it comes to 70s vibe rings. The new generation of signet rings are perfect for this look. Especially with stones embedded for extra glamour. We love Shyla’s collection of coloured glass rings. PD Paola’s Oasis and Sarah Alexander’s colourful gemstone rings also give off that 70s vibe. While Amelia Scott’s colourful crystal and enamel rings bring a blast of colour and sparkle. Check out Swarovski’s crystal creations for additional disco glamour.

Image of ring christmas jewellery gifts

Large hoops, sparkling stars and golden drops

When it comes to 70s inspired ear wear, again the hippy aesthetic rubs up alongside the dynamic disco look. Oversized gold hoops look good with any 70s vibe, day or night. If you love the more bohemian look, incorporate flowers, gemstones and feathers into your ear wear. Choose golden droplets for that downtown disco diva. And for those who love both, sparkling stars are the way to go. We love PD Paola’s lavish gold hoops and droplet studs, and Annie Haak’s feathers and hearts.

PD Paola gold drop earrings