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April 2018

  1. Shine the brightest at Prom

    Shine the brightest at Prom
    Prom is the highlight of the year for school-leavers. Here's how to shine the brightest at your Prom. Until 10 years ago, the word 'Prom' was strictly limited to US teen films. Dingy end of exam discos have steadily been replaced with ever more glamorous events for school leavers in the UK, with more than 85% of schools in the...
  2. How to design your own jewellery

    How to design your own jewellery
    It may sound daunting to design your own jewellery, but in this blog we show how easy it is to set your own style and have a one-off piece created just for you. Let's start off by answering a few common questions and debunking some myths about designing your own jewellery. Why design your own piece of jewellery? So it's...
  3. April birthstone gift guide

    April birthstone gift guide
    The diamond has stolen the hearts of many and is the most coveted gemstone to date. Read on to discover the secrets of April birthstone gifting. As the April birthstone, a diamond makes the ideal choice for a birthday gift this month. A piece of diamond jewellery makes a clear statement of how much someone means to you. Think a...

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