Jewellery is romantic and intimate, which makes it the perfect gift for your valentine. But choose wisely. You can say a lot with something small and sparkly. So make sure you’re sending the right message.
Luckily we've got ideas for every taste, budget and stage of relationship. From small tokens of appreciation to the stylishly romantic and truly heart-stopping, we'll help you find your loved one the present they deserve.

What makes the perfect valentine's jewellery gift?

Buying any gift for Valentine’s Day is a big decision, including choosing jewellery. Do you go all-in with big, romantic gestures, or give a small token of affection? 
The right choice will depend on what stage you’re at in your relationship. As well as the personal taste of the person you’re buying it for and how much you want to spend. 
Never fear. Whether you’re celebrating new beginnings, or a special anniversary, we can help you find the right jewellery for your valentine.

Hearts or no hearts?

Hearts are recognised the world over for symbolising love in all its forms, especially the romantic kind
They are everywhere at Valentine's Day and the obvious choice for a gift. But the deluge of corny heart imagery at this time of year can be off-putting. So, are they the right choice for you?
Well, it depends what you want to say - and how you want to say it.
If you want to declare your love there's no clearer way to say it than with hearts. But the good news is, if you want to avoid coming across as cheesy, there are some super stylish and sophisticated pieces out there to choose from.
Modern jewellery designers have been putting their up-to-date spin on this age-old symbol, with spectacular results. So if you want to give a heart-felt message, we have some gorgeous heart-shaped pieces to choose from.
Here are a few of our favourites.
Kit Heath’s Desire, Kiss series puts a new and elegant twist on heart-shaped jewellery. 
Kit Heath Hearts Kiss model valentine's jewellery gift
Sterling silver and rose-gold plated stylised hearts sit pretty on dainty silver chains. With a necklace, bracelet and earrings to choose from, they look gorgeous worn as a set or single piece. 
Annie Haak is another modern designer making hearts cool again. She’s got them down to a fine art and they often feature in her bracelet stacks and other jewellery.
Like these gold heart hoop earrings, for instance. 
Annie Haak hearts earrings valentine's jewellery gift
They're a stunning modern take on the heart symbol and a joy to give or receive. The perfect valentine jewellery for modern relationships.
Or this handmade silver Three Heart Spinner ring with tiny heart decorations. Another excellent choice if you want to say 'I love you' with style.
Annie Haak spinner ring
But if you're into expressing your feelings in more traditional ways, this Clogau Cariad Heart Pendant radiates old-fashioned elegance with a modern twist.
Clogau cariad heart pendant valentine's jewellery gift ideas
Made from sterling silver with just a touch of rare Welsh gold, it’s heart-shaped and proud, and as romantic as they come.

Small tokens of affection

If your relationship has only just begun, you might want to steer clear of hearts and save big romantic gestures for further down the road. Perhaps choose something more subtle instead? A jewellery gift that let's your partner know how special they are, without overstating where you are in your relationship.
Ania Haie's gorgeous bracelets and earrings are always on-trend, without costing the Earth.
There are a multitude of pretty designs to choose from, with something special to go with every look and style.
Like this Victory Goddess bracelet, for example. Inspired by myths and legends, it's the perfect embodiment of power and beauty. 
Ania Haie Victory bracelet
Or these mother-of-pearl disc hoop earrings, that are just the right amount of special.
Ania Haie mother of pearl hoop earrings valentines jewellery gift
And if your loved one likes a little more sparkle, there's always this Attract necklace from Swarovski.
Swarovski attract white gold necklace
A simple but chic combination of a rose gold and a single white Swarovski crystal. 

Big, romantic gestures

But if you want to throw all caution to the wind and jump right in with a big romantic gestures, we've got those covered too.
Perhaps you’re celebrating a big anniversary this month? Or want express your love for the first time with something really special? After the year we’ve all had, you’ve possibly decided life is too short to not declare how you feel.
Whatever your reason for splashing out, we have some heart-stopping pieces for you.
You can’t get more romantic than this Past, Present and Future necklace from Clogau. 
Clogau past present and future pendant
A stunning combination of yellow and rose gold and sparkling diamonds. The metals intertwine like two lives coming together, symbolising lifelong love and commitment. It’s a beautiful and traditional piece, with rare gold from a small mine in Wales.
But if your loved one likes their jewellery a little less traditional, what about this Yard of Love bracelet from Annie Haak
Annie Haak Yard of Love Bracelet valentine's jewellery
Symbolising endless devotion, it's made from an unbroken yard of silver beads and held together with a binding ring engraved with the words ‘Yard of Love.’ With stunning craftsmanship and a secret message for your valentine, it's the very epitome of modern romance. 
And if you're thinking of making the ultimate declaration of love this Valentine’s Day we also have a wide range of stunning engagement rings to choose from. 
We stock so many heart-stopping designs it’s hard to choose just one. But if we had to pick a ring for a Valentine’s proposal, it would have to be this one. 
Brown & Newirth Titania ring
Inspired by the epically romantic Shakespeare play Midsummer Night’s Dream, this Brown & Newirth Titania ring  features a trio of diamonds with petal detailing and a round brilliant cut diamond set in a platinum.
A vintage design named after the queen of the fairies, it's made to order, so you can choose the precious metal to suit your own personal style.
If you're choosing jewellery for your valentine, it doesn't get more romantic than that.

Get personal with your valentine jewellery

But whatever jewellery gift you choose for your valentine, whether it's a big romantic gesture or a small token of your affection, make it personal. The thought behind a gift is so much more important than cost or colour. 

So whether it's heartshaped or something completely different, choose a Valentine's gift that means something to you and your loved one. A reminder of happy times or special events. Or a symbol of something shared. 
We have a wide range of necklaces, rings, earrings and more from top brands and small designers. So whatever you're looking for we can help you find the perfect gift for the one you love.