Many people ask 'Are lab grown diamonds real?'. Diamonds created in a laboratory are exactly that, diamonds. They are not fake and have the same chemical and physical composition to 'real' diamonds. So the answer is yes, they are real

Stones such as cubic zirconia, mossanite, and clear Swarovski crystal look similar to diamonds. But in fact these are different in terms of their composition and properties like hardness.

One of the diamond's best qualities is its hardness for longevity and heirloom jewellery. Organically developed and mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds both share these qualitied.

In this blog, we answer a number of questions to help you decide which is best for you. Read on to find out whether diamonds from the earth or a lab grown diamonds are the diamonds for you.

Are lab grown diamonds real?

Yes. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds formed in the earth. They are assessed in the same way in terms for the '4 Cs' - Carat, colour, clarity and cut. These factors all vary with each individual diamond, no matter the origin.

Lab grown diamonds are sometimes incorrectly referred to as 'synthetic' or 'simulated'. If fact they are simply diamonds, but evolve under laboratory rather than earth's conditions.

Are lab grown diamonds real?

How are diamonds made in a lab?

Lab grown diamonds come from carbon crystals under pressure in a laboratory. The conditions reproduce the earth's natural high pressure and temperature conditions for growing diamonds.

Diamonds that are mined from the earth today were formed over a billion years ago. On the other hand, the technology used to create diamonds in a laboratory replicates the process in 6 to 10 weeks.

Are lab grown diamonds real?

Are lab created diamonds eco friendly?

Another benefit of the created diamond is its eco friendly reputation. Growing diamonds requires less energy and creates less environmental damage than mining, or so we hear. The issue is actually more complicated and varies depending on the manufacturer. Suffice to say, no two diamonds are created equal.

Lab created diamonds may win on less physical impact to the natural environment compared with mining. But they may not compare as favourably when it comes to carbon footprint and energy used in production. Do your own research on the environmental and social impacts of mined versus created diamonds to make your decision.

Are lab grown diamonds good value?

One of the main benefits of lab grown diamonds is the cost. A diamond grown in a lab of the same quality as a naturally formed diamond costs up to 30% less. This means more for your money when shopping for diamonds or engagement rings. Aside from possible environmental benefits, this can also be a major motivation for couples looking to by an engagement ring. Lab grown engagement rings are less costly.

For the cost of a 1.4 carat mind diamond, you could get a 1.9 carat created diamond. In a study conducted in the US, 74% of consumers selected the larger lab diamond for the same price.

You also need to bear in mind that created diamonds have limited resale options. Some diamond miners say that lab grown diamonds do not have any resale value.

Some retailers offer a buy-back scheme for either mined or created diamonds, so it's not strictly true. But the market for lab grown is certainly much smaller at this point.

Definitely consider what you would do with your diamond in the event you no longer wish to wear it.

What is the difference between lab created diamonds and mined?

First of all, no two diamonds are the same. This goes for both lab created and organically grown diamonds. Differences in size, colour and clarity occur in both types of diamonds.

These differences are caused by trace minerals and other conditions that influence a diamond as it grows. Find out more about diamond grading in our Diamond Guide.

There is no difference between lab grown diamonds and organically grown diamonds as a material, in terms of physical appearance and properties. In fact, it has only been recently that testing tools could tell the difference between the two origins of diamond.

The differences are in where it's made (including environmental and social impacts), product cost, and resale value.

Are lab grown diamonds real?

What about a lab grown diamonds engagement ring?

Lab grown diamonds can make a real difference to which engagement ring you can get for your money. The diamond solitaire between 0.5 and 1.5 carats is still one of the most popular engagement ring styles.

So you can save money by choosing a created diamond for your engagement ring, or you can get a bigger diamond for your budget.

Some people still love the romance of a naturally created diamond having been in the earth for billions of years. In practice the end product is virtually identical but an engagement ring is an emotional purchase. So the best choice is to go with the diamond that speaks to you emotionally, whether it's earth or lab origin.

With either option, you can still choose your desired diamond in different sizes, cuts, and designs. And the addition of lab created diamonds just gives you more options to explore.

Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Who makes lab grown diamonds?

Many major jewellery producers are now either producing or testing to create lab grown diamonds. It's not about replacing naturally grown diamonds, it's more about offering alternatives.

De Beers describe themselves as 'The world's leading diamond company, with unrivalled expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of rough diamonds driving it forward since 1888'. De Beers now produce lab grown diamonds through their Element Six and Lightbox Jewelry brands.

Swarovski is also now producing created diamonds as part of their Atelier range.

Lab grown diamonds are definitely on an upwards popularity trend in the UK. If you are considering using these diamonds in your engagement, wedding or eternity ring, contact us to chat to our team about your dream ring.

Lab grown diamonds are real, and Niche Jewellery can help you find your dream ring whichever you choose. Whether you are interested in naturally grown or created diamonds is just another of the details for your perfect piece.

Images sourced from Swarovski Created Diamonds. Niche Jewellery is an official Swarovski stockist. Checkout our collection of Diamond bracelets for women and diamond earrings for women.