Prom is the highlight of the year for school-leavers. Here's how to shine the brightest at your Prom.

Until 10 years ago, the word 'Prom' was strictly limited to US teen films. Dingy end of exam discos have steadily been replaced with ever more glamorous events for school leavers in the UK, with more than 85% of schools in the UK now holding some kind of Prom event.

Prom is a celebration for all the students who have got through their exams and are ready to face the next phase in their lives, leaving behind a long and formative stage of life.

With Prom season looming in June and July, the finishing touches need to be selected for each outfit. And for parents, there is the consideration of a meaningful gift to add to the ensemble - the perfect jewellery to go with the outfit.

Here are our tips on selecting jewellery to stand out and shine your brightest at Prom:

Sparkle with crystal or zirconia

According to an interesting article in the Telegraph (which coincidentally focuses on Proms in Essex), the average spend on Prom is reported as £244, with one in ten spending upwards of £500.

But you don't have to spend your life savings to select sparkling jewellery that will look effortlessly glamorous. Materials such as Swarovski crystal and cubic zirconia sparkle like diamonds but are far more affordable. Choose quality jewellery crafted with synthetic stones to add Hollywood glamour to your outfit. Swarovski and Diamonfire do superb jewellery that will not only help you stand out in a crowd, but will last and can be worn to future events.

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Support the statement

Start with the central piece of jewellery that will take the spotlight and really shine on the night. Then choose items that complement rather than overpower the headline piece.

The style of your dress will largely dictate which piece of jewellery should take pride of place in your outfit. For example, with a higher neck dress, go for drop or chandelier earrings as the key piece. If your neckline is more daring, enhance it with a statement necklace and choose less busy earrings to go with it. For something in between, a choker can create and on-trend yet glamourous look.

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Replicate the classics

Classic designs like the tennis bracelet, halo set stones, 'V' or 'Y' shaped necklaces, or pearl designs are all failsafe options for Prom jewellery. You really can't go wrong channelling Hollywood glamour, or replicating popular designs for diamond jewellery.

This is particularly true if your dress is quite detailed or sparkly - in this case, classic design trumps big, trendy or busy jewellery. However, if your dress is a more classic, elegant design, go for more of a statement with your jewellery.

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Keep in theme

Once you've selected your statement piece, any other jewellery should be in keeping with that design. It doesn't necessarily have to be matchy-matchy, but if you are going to match perfectly, this is the time! At the very least, your 'supporting' jewellery items should be sympathetic and complement the overall look.

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Happy Prom planning!