Wedding season is nigh - if you're getting married this Spring or Summer, it's time to choose the rings. Wedding rings are often last on the to-do list, not being technically needed until the big day.

Don't leave choosing this important symbol of your love (not to mention a piece of jewellery you will wear every day henceforth!) until the last minute. Choose something that reflects your personality and relationship. Gone are the days of a plain band being the only option for a wedding ring. As beautiful as they are, there are so many more options to choose from.

Here are some ideas for a wedding ring that you can wear your way.

Personalise it

The most obvious and easiest way to make it yours is with engraving. A good engraver can get a message onto the narrowest of wedding rings. Record a special message inside your rings - the date of your wedding, a shared message or special place.

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Bling it up

You can definitely get away with lots of diamonds in a wedding band. If you want to skip the plain band and long wait for more diamonds, just bling it up with a half or fully set diamond band!

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Why leave it at a single band? Go for a double or triple row of diamonds to get the full effect, or a large stone cluster.

Shape it up

Choose a different shape for your ring - right now we love the marquise shape or marquise with brilliant cut in a rub-over setting - a stunning contrast to your engagement ring.

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Contrasting shapes give a stunning effect, so whether it's baguette, princess, marquise or another shape - get creative with the diamond cut if you go for a ring with sparkle.

Twist it

Wedding rings don't have to be a single band - get creative with infinity style or twist designs to symbolised your entwined lives.

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Brown & Newirth's Entwined Forever range does it perfectly.

Diamonds on the side

Take eternity to another level with diamonds not just around the ring, but on the side view as well.

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Get sparkle from all angles!

Design it

Go all out - create a statement piece that says something about you and your relationship - your love of travel, a secret message, or unique personal style.

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Whatever you choose, it will be right for you - but take it from us, a ring with a little personal touch of style will be your most perfect companion - after your husband of course!

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.