Charm jewellery is everywhere and with good reason. It’s the ultimate way to express yourself through your jewellery, with a huge range of charms to choose from to reflect all your passions. Start your charm love today, or add some new charms to your collection, with the latest styles and trends.

Charmed: why people love charm jewellery

Charm jewellery is a trend that people show no sign of falling out of love with. The potential to personalise and style your favourite jewellery in a way that’s unique to you continues to be hugely popular. With the variety of designs and ways to wear them continuing to grow.


Bracelets with charms

Charm bracelets are the original charm jewellery dating back thousands of years. Worn by ancient Egyptians, pharaohs and prehistoric civilisations. Although it was Queen Victoria who kicked off the trend again during her reign and more recent memory. 

The charms worn on early bracelets had spiritual meaning meant to ward off bad luck and evil spirits, or bring good luck and prosperity. These days, as well as spiritual charms people choose charms for all kinds of reasons. Usually to symbolise the things closest to their heart, like passions, achievements and memories. 

There’s a charm to represent every aspect of your life, from the people and places you love, to your favourite things to do.

Thomas sabo charm bracelet

Like Pandora? You’ll love these charm bracelet brands too

The most well-known maker of modern charm bracelets is probably Pandora. But since they came on the scene many other jewellery designers have created their own beautiful collections. Each with their own take on the charm bracelet phenomenon.

Nomination, for instance, makes amazing modern charm bracelets with flat tile charms that pop on and off. Made for men, women and children to make their own unique collection.

Thomas Sabo has taken the charm bracelet world by storm too. Creating a huge collection of exquisite and detailed charms made to wear on their sophisticated gold and silver chains.

Ania Haie and Annie Haak also have their own take on the charm bracelet. Annie Haak’s designs layer in beautiful harmony. While Ania Haie brings the charm bracelet bang up to date with their on-trend designs.

Nomination bracelets

Necklaces with charms

Of course now there are now many ways to wear your charms. Charm necklaces have become a big trend in recent times, with several designs and styles to choose from.

Thomas Sabo, for instance, has slick chains that drape around the neck in layers in silver and gold. Or chunky chains, mixed with colourful gemstones, for a funky summer vibe.

Ania Haie have created a series of charm necklaces. Some are delicate chains and others pendant style pieces with a circular link to attach your favourite charms to.

Ania Haie charm necklaces


Rings with charms

As well as the charm necklace, you can now wear your must-have motifs on your fashionable fingers! Charm rings are now a popular addition to the ring stack collection. Check out Annie Haak’s range of adorable rings with dangle charms in the shape of hearts, angels and more to wear alone or with others.

charm rings

Five charm jewellery trends to add to your charm jewellery collection

Charms come in many shapes and sizes. From alphabet letters to symbols of love, seasonal motifs and a multitude of other themes. Choose yours to reflect your interests and hobbies, or the people closest to you. Change your charms to reflect the season, or create a heartfelt collection that you wear every day. Here are four ways to build your collection…

Colourful charms

Perhaps the newest kids on the block of the charm world, colour is everywhere this spring and summer and charms are no exception. Pretty charms in candy colours and pastel shades are all the rage.

Charm bracelets by annie haak

Spiritual charms

Since Covid, spiritual motifs have made a bit of a comeback too. Like the evil eye, goddess designs and lucky coins. As well as angels, clovers and other good luck charms. Choose the ones that speak to you and your beliefs.

Annie Haak spiritual charm jewellery

Animal charms

Animals are a trending jewellery theme at the moment and charms are no exception. Choose charms to celebrate the furry members of your family, your favourite creatures or spirit animal!

Celebrate your passions

Whether you love the beach, travel, coffee or simply hanging with your friends, the charm possibilities are endless. There’s a charm to go with every interest and to reflect every special person in your life.

Thomas sabo charm bracelets

Forever memories

Choose charms to mark the special occasions in your life. Like birthdays, graduation, the birth of your children, grandchildren, special anniversaries and more. Keep adding to your collection year after year to go with all the new memories you’ve made. Because the charms (like the memories) never end. 

Thomas sabo charm jewellery

Give the gift of charm jewellery

With the benefits of variety and longevity, charm jewellery makes an excellent gift. Give someone you love their first chain as a necklace or bracelet and add to it with every new milestone. It’s a truly special way to celebrate your relationship with a friend or loved one.