Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate the mother figures in your life. What's better than a special piece of jewellery to show your appreciation? Carefully chosen and given with love.

Why jewellery makes a magical Mother’s Day gift

I know we’re biassed, but we think jewellery is always a special gift. We do have plenty of good reasons to back us up, however.

For one, jewellery is intensely personal. Chosen carefully, it shows that you have put time into finding a gift that reflects what you feel about the person you're giving it to. Jewellery is also much more than merely decorative. It can embody meanings and emotions. It can evoke memories or convey messages. These are the unique qualities that make jewellery an ideal gift for those occasions when you want to share your true feelings about a special someone in your life. 

Celebrating mamas in all shapes and sizes

The mama figures in our lives may come in different shapes and sizes, but in essence they are the positive force who forge who we are or who our children become. Pouring their love and energy into the health, wellbeing and happiness of those they watch over. 

Mother’s Day is about celebrating whoever that is for you. Whether it’s the person who looked after you, or the mother of your children. A day for showing these special people how much you love and appreciate who they are and everything they do. For saying ‘thank you’ for being your loudest cheerleader and softest comforter. But how do you say all that with jewellery?

Mother's day image

What kind of jewellery makes a good Mother’s Day gift?

As we all know, what makes the best gift, mostly depends on who you are buying for. Every mama has their own style and personal taste that you will need to consider. And every family has their own story. But we can help you narrow it down a bit. 

Below we’ve picked out five necklaces, three pairs of earrings and three bracelets that are perfect for Mother’s Day. And if those don’t get you on the path to finding a magical Mother’s Day gift, check out the Mother’s Day selection on our website for more ideas.


Necklaces that make magical Mother’s Day gifts

Necklaces make a low stress gift as there’s no need to worry about sizing or piercings. You may want to investigate if the person you’re giving it to prefers silver or gold, but other than that you are free to choose a necklace you think they’ll love. Show how much you care by making it personal and memorable.

  1. The Daisy T-bar necklace is a design classic that goes with anything. For those mums who love jewellery but not the traditional hearts or flowers this necklace is a super stylish way to say ‘I love you’. Available in silver or gold. Daisy t-bar necklace
  2. For all those mums who are simply out-of-this-world, the Meteora pendant from Swarovski is a truly special gift. Bring a touch of starlight to their day (and their outfit) with this sparkly delight.Swarovski meteora necklace
  3. If you want to say it with hearts, this heart-shaped Adria Amore necklace is a sophisticated way to show someone how much you love them. The delicate heart pendant is made with sparkling zirconia and pearls to make it extra magical. Adria Amore necklace
  4. This engravable silver bar necklace offers the chance to deliver a unique message to the person you’re giving it to. If that’s the mother of your children, you could choose the initials of the children you share together. If it’s your own mother-figure, choose an expression of love, or the initials of you and your siblings.Engraveable silver bar necklace
  5. For something a little bit different, this Honey Bee Padlock necklace by Clogau boasts a dainty padlock pendant with a small honeybee motif. Honeybees symbolise strength and security, making them ideal for honouring that mama bear in your life. Beautifully made, from sterling silver and rose gold. Clogau honey bee earrings

Magical earrings for Mother’s Day

If you’d like to give a pair of earrings, the first step is to make sure the person you are gifting to has their ears pierced! It may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how often people get this wrong. If you’re certain that’s not a problem, we’ve got a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. We love these Amelia Scott Bow earrings for so many reasons. Like a modern day version of the crown jewels, their brilliant colours and majestic design make them perfect for honouring the Queen in your life. Amelia Scott bow earrings
  2. With a mixture of trendy pearls and pretty zirconia dangling from gold hoops, these Adria earrings are pretty special. Mixing modern fashion with old-fashioned beauty to create a pair of earrings that will bring joy to whoever receives them.Sif Jakobs Adria earrings
  3. These Sarah Alexander Tokyo Nights earrings combine modern design with a retro colour. They're perfect for those funky mamas who love nature, colour and a retro style palette. Made with blue jade and carnelian semi-precious stones and 18ct gold, these earrings are super cool and elegant.

Sarah alexander tokyo nights earrings

Brilliant bracelets for mums

Bracelets have a special place in our hearts. They’re so easy to wear and there are so many styles to choose from. If the person you’re buying for likes subtle gestures then a bracelet might be the way to go. 

  1. A Mother’s Day bracelet selection wouldn’t be complete without this ‘Best Mum’ silver cham bracelet from Annie Haak. Annie Haak are queens of the bracelet and the bracelet stack, so they know how to make them! This pretty charm bracelet looks lovely by itself or stacked with others. Perfect if your mama is already an Annie Haak fan or as the beginning of a brand new collection. Annie haak best mum charm bracelet
  2. This Dotty Tennis Bracelet in green and flamingo pink from Amelia Scott is ideal for mums who love colour and sparkle. A classic tennis bracelet design, with a modern, colourful twist. We love the green and pink colour combo that will look stunning dressing up casual or complementing going out wear. Amelia Scott dotty sage and flamingo bracelet
  3. This Thomas Sabo gold charm bracelet offers a double whammy. Not only is the gold chain bracelet a classic in itself (one that looks stunning alone or with other chains) but as a charm bracelet, it is a gift that keeps giving. Open up a whole world of gorgeous possibilities with the Thomas Sabo charms collection. Each one a beautifully crafted piece that has personal meaning. Perfect for gifting on birthdays, anniversaries and more. Give it as a gift this Mother's Day and start celebrating tomorrow’s memories. 

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelets