Who doesn’t love pearls? They are glamorous, chic, elegant and stylish, not to mention versatile. With so many reasons to love them and wear them, how will you embrace pearl power this season?

The power of pearls

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about pearls and chances are it won’t be the last. The past few years have seen this gemstone take the jewellery world by storm. Beautiful, versatile and never out of style, the pearl has come a long way and is here to stay. 

Thomas sabo half pearl charm necklace

Of course, pearls aren’t really gemstones at all, but a bi-product of an oyster’s natural defences. When the oyster finds a grain of sand or grit, it coats it in a natural white substance that hardens to become a pearl. 

By recreating this process, pearl farming has transformed this pretty jewel. Instead of only being worn by royalty they are now available to everyone. And thank goodness for that! Because jewellery designers have taken the cultured pearl to heart in a big way. Creating ever more beautiful and interesting ways to wear them.

Here are three looks we love:

Not just for Danish girls - The pearl earring

The pearl earring is now available in a multitude of styles that will finish any outfit with finesse. Pearl earrings are as at home in the office as they are at a fancy restaurant. Choose from the simple pearl stud or iconic pearl drop earring to bring instant elegance to an outfit. Or embrace one of the more modern designs which incorporate pearls in a variety of ways. 

Annie haak pearl earring

We love Shyla’s cute cluster hoops and Annie Haak’s decadent drop earrings. Not to mention Amelia Scott’s pretty pearl studs with pink or blue Zirconia. 

Photograph of shyla's pearl hoop earrings


All round lovely - the pearl bracelet

Pearl bracelets range from the delightfully decadent to the playful and discreet. A bracelet made entirely from pearls makes an elegant accessory for the office or evening out. Annie Haak and Jersey Pearl both have a marvellous, modern take on this classic design. Other pearl bracelet designs offer a bit more edge.

Annie haak pearl bracelet

Thomas Sabo’s charm bracelet for instance, boasts a semi-circle of pearls. The remaining half is reserved for adding your own choice of charms. While Ania Haie takes a more delicate approach, combining fine chains and unfinished pearls for a subtle touch of glamour. 

Thomas sabo charm bracelet with pearl charm


Iconic jewellery - the pearl necklace

Made famous by royalty and Audrey Hepburn with her little black dress, the pearl choker is still going strong as a statement piece. Perfect for wearing with your own LBD or dressing up a blouse and jeans. Like the pearl bracelet however, there are now a whole host of more modern ways to also wear pearls at your neck.

Ania haie pearl necklace

We love Ania Haie’s chunky silver chains, worn in layers with other necklaces for a textured look. And Thomas Sabo’s half-pearl, half charm necklaces that combine two of our favourite jewellery items. These look stunning with your own charms added and great with jeans and your most loved tee.

Other ways to embrace pearl power

Along with the traditional white pearls, there are of course pearls in other shades. These come either dyed or in natural varieties of white and cream. 

Photograph of a woman wearing pearls as a pearl bracelet and ring

There are other pearl-like materials to love too. Like those pretty cousins of the pearl, paua shell and mother-of-pearl which can be found in an array of jewellery. We love Daisy London’s matching pendants and earrings, which are perfect for summer. 

There are also pearl rings to explore. Including dinky and delicate versions or statement pieces. And now there are even pearl charms to play with. Allowing you to add your own pretty pearls to your favourite charm necklace or bracelet. 

With no sign of losing popularity, watch this space for the next generation of pearl power designs. We can’t wait to see what pearly delights they come up with next!