December is well underway, and we all know December birthdays can be tricky. There is always a lot happening for Christmas, so birthdays in December can take second place if we're not careful.

About December birthdays

According to research by flower giant Interflora, 16 December is the worst day to celebrate a birthday.

Due in part to its nearness to Christmas, the mid December birthday is also least favoured due to the cold Northern Hemisphere weather. Then there's the likelihood of it being forgotten in the lead-up to Christmas.

Combined or fewer presents, miserable weather and overshadowing due to festive celebrations. But the news is not all bad for December babies.

According to other research, December babies live longer, happier lives. They are more likely to:

  • Live to 100 years of age
  • Have lower cardiovascular disease rates
  • Be easy to get along with
  • Save money on dental care
  • Actually make peace with a bad birthday and not worry about it!

Another perk is that December birthdays lay claim to not one but three birthstones; Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise. Each of these gemstones carries a stunning and unique blue tone making it a perfect birthstone for a festive Winter birthday.

Blue-toned jewellery to signify the December birthstone is the perfect idea. Here are a few of our favourites to get the ball rolling on your December birthday gift preparation:

Gorgeous gemstones

Natural gemstones in light blue tones are perfect for December birthdays.

Sarah Alexander is a UK based jewellery designer with a collection featuring some gorgeous light blue stones.

Sarah Alexander jewellery

Aqua calci, blue lace agate and iolite all come in varying shades of light blue. Even though they are not the official December birthstone, you can improvise here because any natural blue gemstone makes a wonderful December birthday gift.

We love the way you can mix and match the beautiful natural tones of natural gemstones. And they make for a very special gift because every gemstone is unique.

Need more inspiration? Shop all Sarah Alexander.

Pale blue Swarovski

The unmistakable sparkle of Swarovski is a sure winner to bring cheer in December. Swarovski jewellery is ever popular and has standout sparkle that will make her feel special.

You have the choice of a piece of Swarovski jewellery, a cute Sagittarius Kris bear, or a pale blue Swarovski pen. The Swarovski Symbolic Star collection is the perfect Wintery motif with a pop of blue on the pendant chain.

Swarovski Symbolic Star Pendant

December blue conjures up that crisp, fresh feeling of Winter. Shop blue toned Swarovski.

Take a look at our full range of Swarovski jewellery, crystal and accessories. Get inspired by our Swarovski collections for even more gift ideas.

Clogau gold of royalty

The Clogau Kensington Love Story set includes a beautiful blue topaz centrepiece with white topaz detail. The offset square design gives it a unique touch that will make any outfit stand out.

Each piece of Clogau jewellery contains a touch of rare Welsh rose gold, making it and extra special gift. The Clogau brand has a unique story behind it, making Clogau jewellery truly unique.

Clogau Kensington Love Story

Browse our collection of Clogau jewellery for more inspiration.

Conjure Summer with boho turquoise

For the reluctant December baby who is always dreaming of summer, choose a turquoise coloured piece. Turquoise tones will remind them that the sun is coming back, and tide them over with feelings of warm summer days. Shop turquoise coloured jewellery.

Pieces like these Thomas Sabo turquoise inspired charms are perfect for gifting. When you give a charm bracelet or charms for an existing bracelet, you'll have gift ideas ready for many occasions to come.

Thomas Sabo Turquoise Charms

The other thing we love about Thomas Sabo charms is that you can wear just one with a bracelet or necklace, or add multiple charms for a more dramatic look. And their charm carriers look just as good with one charm, multiple charms, or even on their own.

The lobster clasp on a Thomas Sabo charm make them so easy to move from one charm carrier to another, or to move around and re-arrange on a charm bracelet. This makes Thomas Sabo one of the most versatile charm systems on the market today.

Zodiac gifts

And if they don't love any of these shades of blue, why not consider a zodiac gift? The star signs for December are Sagittarius (up to 21 December) and Capricorn.

Choose a Swarovski Crystal zodiac Kris Bear, or a zodiac pendant or bracelet. Get inspired with more zodiac gifts here.

What next?

The best thing to do for a friend or loved one with a December birthday is to plan ahead. Make sure you don't blow it and forget the birthday or give a last-minute combined birthday-come-Christmas gift.

And if you yourself have a December birthday, don't be afraid to drop hints. Let friends and loved ones know what styles you like.

Happy birthday December babies - and friends, don't forget!

At Niche Jewellery we love to bring you the latest in jewellery trends and designs. To make sure we provide you with up to date tips and designs to keep you jewellery collection versatile and on-trend, we update our blog content on a regular basis. This blog was last update on 9 December 2021 with the latest December birthstone gift ideas. Happy gifting!