With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ve got some perfect gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Whether you’ve been dating for a while, or just getting to know each other, we can help you find the perfect gift.

How to buy a Valentine’s gift your girlfriend will love

Finding that perfect Valentine’s gift is always tricky, especially if you’re just starting out in your relationship. The good news is that jewellery always makes a thoughtful gift whatever stage of relationship you’re at, but how do you know which piece to choose?

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Answer these questions, find the perfect gift

If you’re struggling to know what to buy or what’s appropriate for where you’re at in your relationship, these questions are a great place to start.

What kind of jewellery does your girlfriend wear?

Does your girl love to wear a particular type of jewellery? Or never wear others? Make a note of what pieces she already has and the type of metals she wears (yellow gold, silver or rose gold.) This will start you on the right path to choosing the perfect jewellery gift. 

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What is she into?

It may sound obvious, but the best place to start is who you are buying for and what they like. Whether you’ve been dating for months or minutes, demonstrating that you have been paying attention is a great way to show someone how much you’re into them. 

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Start by thinking about their individual style. What do they like to wear? Do they like colourful modern designs, for instance, or vintage style? It’s also worth thinking about their interests. You want to choose a gift that’s personal, so make your choice all about them.

What kind of statement do you want your Valentine's gift to make?

We understand that you may not want to make a big statement if your relationship is just starting out. If it’s all rather new, but you want to give a gift, choose something small and thoughtful but not extravagant. A pair of stud earrings for instance, or a slider bracelet will show you care without going OTT and scaring her off.

But if you’re at that stage in your relationship where you want to make a big statement and let someone know how much you love them, choose carefully. Your gift needs to be thoughtful and personal. This is where questions 1 and 2 become super important, so make sure you know the answers before making your choice. 

Here are a some suggestions to inspire your choice.

Heart studs

Heart shaped necklaces and necklaces with heart

Hearts are the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day and they come in a rich variety of forms, from pendants to rings. But perhaps there are other symbols that mean something to you or your girlfriend? Pick a gemstone in her favourite colour, or birthstone. Choose from flowers, angels, zodiac symbols or even initials. 

Olivia burton heart pendants for valentine's jewellery

Use your charms

Charm jewellery comes into its own when looking for a personalised jewellery gift. There are loads of different motifs available in charm form. Making it easy to find one that reflects your girlfriend's passions or personality. Your girl may already owns a charm bracelet or necklace, meaning you can choose a charm from the brand they wear. Or you can be the one to start them off on their charm jewellery journey. You could even make your gift extra special by choosing a charm to represent a memory you share together.

But if you don’t think charm jewellery would be their thing, there are plenty of other pieces to choose from. As long as you make it personal you can’t go wrong. 

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Put a ring on it this Valentine's Day

Rings are definitely at the more romantic end of the jewellery gift spectrum. Not least the obvious nuptial implications! There’s something very personal about giving a ring and they make a truly thoughtful gift. And there are plenty of rings out there other than the engagement variety.

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Charm rings with meaningful symbols, for instance. Gemstone rings in an array of colours. Rings decorated with pearls and crystals, or silver and gold signet or sculpted varieties that look beautiful alone or stacked. There are modern rings and vintage versions. The choice is endless. But if you answer the questions above, you should be most of the way to making a brilliant choice. Just don’t forget to find out her ring size!