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Niche Jewellery brings you stylish and timeless ladies watches and men's watches online. Find your perfect timepiece among our collection of Swarovski watches, Olivia Burton watches, Nomination charm watches and more. Free UK delivery and easy returns.


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A new watch can lift any look. With our fantastic selection of luxury watches, you can add modern, vintage or sparkling style to any outfit. Lift your mood with a stylish new watch or choose a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Find a gold watch, a silver watch, or a colourful or floral watch among our extensive collection of the latest watches in the online UK. Whatever your style, there is a design for you.

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Watches make an excellent gift. A little luxury goes a long way with a rose gold watch, gold watch or any other wristwatch in a design that suits her style. Celebrate a milestone, treat yourself or find that perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for her. Stand out from the crowd with our vintage-inspired Olivia Burton watches sparkling Swarovski watches, and a large selection of watches online from many other leading watch brands.

Why do we love watches?

A wristwatch makes a style statement as well as a functional timepiece for day or evening wear. With quartz movement, and water resistance and made with a variety of crystal and intricately detailed markers, our luxury watches are perfect both for everyday and special events. We love how versatile a watch can be. You can dress up a casual outfit, add style to business wear, or complement an evening look with our selection of watches the online UK.

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Another reason we love watches is the way each watch is presented to make it an unboxing experience to treasure, as well as an enduring timepiece. A watch is a very special gift that shows how much they mean or gives you the opportunity to treat yourself. Browse and buy our selection of watches the online UK for a special treat or gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Find your new Olivia Burton watch, Swarovski watch, Coeur De Lion watch or Calvin Klein watch at Niche Jewellery. Mix and match your new watch with bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings for a standout style. Stick with one colour theme or create a unique look with a colour palette all of your own. And keep an eye out for watch sales so you can find your perfect match at the perfect price!

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You can choose from our wide selection of the latest watches online or in our Leigh-on-Sea boutique jewellery store. At affordable everyday prices, our selection of luxury watches is hard to beat. Or get an even better price in our watch sale. Pair your new watch with other jewellery for a standout look. Feel safe in the knowledge you are buying from an official retailer of all our watches in the online UK, and let your new watch make a statement for every occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Watches obviously allow you to keep track of time throughout the day, but can also add style to your look. There are several types of watches, including mechanical, quartz, automatic, chronograph, digital, smartwatches, and hybrid watches. Find high-quality fashion watches from Niche Jewellery at great prices, to reflect your personality and sense of style.

Before making a choice, it's a good idea to try on a few different watches to get a sense of how they fit and feel. Here are a few factors to consider before buying a watch.

Purpose: Consider the primary purpose of the watch, whether it is for timekeeping,
fashion, or a specific activity such as sports or diving.

Brand: Research different brands and their reputations for quality and reliability.

Style: Consider the style of the watch and how it will complement your fashion sense.

Price: Determine your budget and consider how much you are willing to spend on the watches.

The diameter of the dial or face in millimetres is referred to as the watch size. The size of a watch that is best for a woman will vary depending on personal preference and the size of her wrist. However, as a general rule of thumb, watches with a case diameter of 34mm to 40mm are considered to be a good size for most women. We have different sizes of watches for women. Ultimately, the best size for a women's watch will depend on the choice of look she is trying to achieve.

Men's and women's watches can differ for various reasons, including size, features, design, material, movement, etc. For instance, men's watches are typically larger and have a wide case diameter than women's watches. This is because men's wrists are generally larger than women's wrists.

However oversize watches for women are becoming increasingly popular and many watch designs are unisex and have been designed for both women and men. Find stunning fashion watches at Niche Jewellery, including Olivia Burton Watches, Swarovski Watches, Calvin Klein Watches, Bering Watches and even Nomination Charm Watches.