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About Swaroski Jewellery

Swarovski jewellery, crystal, watches and accessoriesSwarovski jewellery, crystal, watches and accessories


Swarovski jewellery is characterised by the unique shimmer of Swarovski crystal. Swarovski is dedicated to providing elegant and cultured jewellery since their start in 1895. Not only does Swarovski crystal adorn costumes, red carpet outfits, displays and ornaments, but their jewellery and accessory ranges provide glamorous sparkle for our everyday lives.


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Swarovski's new brand identity

In 2021, Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert's vision came to life in an explosive approach to colour, size and styling. Swarovski brings to life an imaginary world, where science and magic meet. With standout use of colour, shape and bold new design, Swarovski jewellery is even more of a must-have for your everyday styling than ever before.

Create standout looks that will set you apart from the crowd with Swarovski's newest collections including the signature Millenia collection, or timeless Swarovski classic designs.



A team of designers creates an amazing selection of fashion jewellery that provides the perfect accessory for any occasion. Young and vibrant, yet timeless and elegant - a diverse range of Swarovski jewellery is available online and in Swarovski retailers like Niche Jewellery. From everyday wear to exclusive and avant-garde pieces, Swarovski jewellery has something for everyone.

At Niche Jewellery, we stock a large range of Swarovski jewellery, crystal figurines and accessories - both online and in Niche Jewellery store in Leigh-on-Sea.

Each Swarovski piece comes beautifully packaged in official Swarovski packaging, complete with a certificate of authenticity.


Why we love Swarovski

There is a unique, unmistakeable sparkle to all Swarovski pieces. Plus, Swarovski has a huge range that is constantly being updated with new designs, which means there is something for every occasion.

Since 1895, founder Daniel Swarovski’s mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company. His enduring passion for innovation and design has made it the world’s premier jewellery and accessories brand. Swarovski has now been bringing sparkle to the world for 120 years.

The company is still a family run business, and is committed to sustainability. Swarovski with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their priority themes and have begun to consult with colleagues and NGOs to explore local development challenges and opportunities at production locations.

Swarovski designs and creates high-quality crystal product collections such as jewellery, accessories such a pens and phone cases, and decorative items for the home, including ornaments and figurines.

We also love the Swarovski packaging, which makes every piece ready to give or receive!

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Swarovski best prices

If you are looking for Swarovski jewellery at the best price, take a look at our Swarovski sale items. From time to time we will have a sale on selected Swarovski jewellery, Swarovski crystal or Swarovski accessories.

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What makes Swarovski crystal so special?

Swarovski produces crystals of the finest quality. Swarovski has become synonymous with genuine crystal since the early days of production at the company’s plant in Wattens, Austria, where each crystal is subject to the most stringent quality controls. The exact recipe and the proportion of quartzs, sand, and minerals remain a company secret that is part of the legacy of the brand.

Swarovski's specialised manufacturing processes, together with the highest quality raw materials, guarantee the highest possible degree of precision and component quality. This drives consistency and unmatched crystal brilliance. One of the oldest jewellery manufacturers still on the market today, the unmistakeable sparkle of Swarovski crystal or pearl adorns each unique piece of Swarovski jewellery.

Swarovski Jewellery online and Swarovski decorations and figurines are still extremely popular. Thanks to the leading new creative Swarovski jewellery designs in 2022, Swarovski is making crystal cool once again. New cuts, shades and sizes of Swarovski Crystal are created daily at the Wattens headquarters, pushing the boundaries of Crystal design.