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Jewellery Gift Guide

A jewellery gift is a great idea for friends, family or someone else you care about. A jewellery gift will last a long time and can be symbolic of friendship, romance or holding someone in especially high esteem. It makes a wonderful to mark a milestone or special occasion, or to say thank you.

Jewellery is also a very personal gift, so how do you choose the perfect piece of jewellery for someone special?

Before you buy jewellery as a gift, think about who will be wearing it. Think of their personality, clothing style and the colours they wear. Taking all of this into account will make your gift both thoughtful and timeless. There are no hard and fast rules, but if you think through these factors, you're sure to choose a super gift.


Jewellery material

You need to think carefully about the material a jewellery gift is made from. Does the person you’re buying for prefer gold, silver or other metals as the main material in their jewellery?

Do they prefer coloured stones, clear stones or natural gemstones for decoration? You can work this out by looking at the kind of jewellery they usually wear, or for more important or costly pieces, speaking to close friends or family.

Silver, gold and roseEven if you don't choose the exact material the person you are buying for often wears, you can still choose items that evoke those materials or have a similar look and feel. For example, if they wear a platinum wedding ring, you could choose silver or white gold earrings, but if they wear gold earrings, you could choose a gold plated bracelet or a mixed metal piece with some gold highlights.

Check out our metals guide and gemstones guide for more information. 


Jewellery style

Another major factor to consider is the style and design. Should you choose fine, delicate jewellery or something bigger and bolder? Do you opt for simple design and decoration or something a touch more elaborate? 

Again, consider the preferences of the person you’re buying for by looking at the type of jewellery they usually wear or admire. Another option is to consider a design that has a symbolic or historical significance to the two of you.

At Niche Jewellery, we stock a large selection of beautiful jewellery for every occasion. If you’re unsure what style of jewellery to choose, try looking through our different brands or jewellery looks and see if anything strikes you as the kind of jewellery the person you’re buying for might wear.


Jewellery type

Swarovski Ring

Think about whether you should buy a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings - or indeed a charm based or stackable jewellery type where new pieces can be future gifts. 

Rings and necklaces typically have the greatest romantic meaning, so if you’re buying for your wife, partner or girlfriend, these are definitely worth considering, especially for important occasions such as anniversaries or milestone birthdays. However, any jewellery type could be appropriate, depending on the occasion.

Earrings and bracelets are often more suitable as gifts for close friends and relatives. However, these are not hard-and-fast rules so do consider what type of jewellery the person you’re buying for wears most frequently, and feel free to deviate from these suggestions! For example, if the person you are buying from loves to wear different rings, a lovely cocktail ring or set of stackable rings is definitely a good choice.

Also don't forget in a addition to our jewellery ranges, you can also find Swarovski Crystal decorations and accessories like phone cases which might be more suited as a gift.


Gift vouchers

If you're still not sure what to choose, take a look at our Niche Jewellery gift vouchers. Our eVouchers can be send electronically with your choice of gift message. They are valid either online or in our Leigh-on-Sea store. 

A gift voucher can be used all at once or multiple purchases, and any credit will be stored in their account to use on another occasion.

Or if you would prefer to choose something, rest assured that we operate a 28 day, no hassle returns policy. So if you need to exchange or return a gift, it's not a problem. For special occasion gifts, get inspired by our Special Occasion Gift Ideas.


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