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Clogau Compose

Compose by Clogau® is a unique and innovative way of designing your own engagement and wedding ring. With a range of stunning designs to choose from, you also get the freedom to select your metal type and diamond size and quality.

Compose your engagement ring

The approach is unique. With six gorgeous designs to choose from, you can still fully customise your Clogau engagement ring design. You'll also be safe in the knowledge that your perfectly matching wedding ring will also be available when the big day approaches.


Clogau Compose stockist

In our Leigh-on-Sea store you can choose from an exquisite variety of diamonds, golds, band styles and designs. You can create your very own Compose by Clogau® engagement ring. Each design contains rare Welsh Gold - favoured by members of the Royal Family since 1923.

Clogau Compose Engagement and Wedding Rings

To help you design your rings with confidence, Clogau has come up with an innovative way for you to choose your dream, bespoke engagement ring. They also have a range of matching wedding rings to complete your stunning bridal set. 

A Clogau engagement ring featuring Welsh gold will be a family heirloom for decades to come. 


Design your engagement ring

You can see all six of the most popular engagement ring designs along with complementary wedding rings and commitment rings on our store display, with the freedom to try on all the rings on the stand to see which suits your hand best. 

You can take your time try on the designs, compare different ring designs and get prices on the spot to find your perfect engagement ring or wedding ring. Design your perfect Clogau engagement ring in just a few steps with their easy to use guide.


Clogau Compose Ring Unit


Your bespoke rings can be composed by choosing metal type (platinum, white, yellow and rose gold), caratage (9ct and 18ct) and style (currently six styles). You then choose diamond cut, colour and clarity.

Our interactive iPad lets us guide you through the Compose by Clogau® selection process allowing immediate visibility of pricing to help you choose the best combination and style, whilst keeping within your budget.


Clogau wedding ring

Clogau has designed a stunning set of wedding rings that work perfectly with Clogau engagement rings, yet can be customised to your exact preference. Whether or not you have dreamed of a Welsh gold wedding ring, the perfect union of a Clogau bridal set is hard to resist.

Let Clogau take the stress away from finding the perfect bridal set, with beautifully complementary wedding rings. Each ring contains an element of Welsh gold, the gold favoured by the Royal Family.


Exclusive Clogau gift

Clogau Compose Gift Box

As an extra gift from Clogau, when purchasing a Clogau engagement ring you will receive a complimentary Compose by Clogau® gift box. Inside you will find: 

- Compose by Clogau® fragrance
- £50 off voucher for Clogau purchases of £249 or more
- Milestones® Horseshoe charm
- Stephanie Allin bridal consultation invitation and wedding planning notecards

You will receive this gift box when you collect your finished Compose by Clogau® engagement ring.

To find out more about Clogau Compose, take a look at Clogau's interactive website and contact us or drop into store for more information. 


Clogau Compose

Why we love Clogau Compose

It can be overwhelming to design an engagement ring or wedding ring from scratch. And it's even more of an undertaking to find or design the perfectly matching wedding band.

With Clogau Compose, you have the freedom to completely customise your ring from a manageable set of designs that are current yet classic. Try on all the Clogau engagement ring designs. Choose the one that suits you best, along with your own unique finish and details.

Then try your favourite engagement rings with a range of Clogau wedding rings, and find perfectly matching wedding bands.


Clogau Compose at Niche Jewellery


Clogau Compose bridal sets won't leave you wondering if your wedding band is a good fit and match with your engagement ring. So many couples we meet ficus so much on choosing an engagement ring that its easy for wedding rings to be an afterthought. Yet the two go hand in hand.

Clogau Compose takes the confusion away. Compose lets you envision not only your Clogau engagement ring, but also the perfectly fitting Clogau wedding ring you will wear with it for many years to come. 'A love as rare as yours deserves gold as rare as ours...'

If you'd like to see our range of Clogau engagement rings and Clogau wedding rings, simply drop into store or contact us for more information.


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If you'd like a private appointment to explore our Clogau Compose range or discuss your engagement ring or wedding ring needs, simply contact us or book an appointment online.