January is in full swing. Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? Here are some jewellery resolutions any jewellery lover can apply to make this year a sparkling one!

Resolution 1: Sparkle more

Banish the January blues with new sparkle for your jewellery collection.

Used in the right way, you can add anything from subtle shimmer to all-out bling to an outfit. Whatever the occasion, extra sparkle helps to lift your spirits.

So why not help brighten your mood and cheer up those around you? Or give the gift of January sparkle to cheer up a friend or loved one.

Try Swarovski or

Resolution 2: Drop bigger hints!

This year, let your loved ones know exactly what styles of jewellery you like - make a Wish List. It makes things so much easier for people buying for you, by taking the guess work out of selecting jewellery for you. Simply head into our Niche Jewellery store to start your Wishlist, or set up an account on our website to start your Wishlist. That way, if anyone asks for ideas, you can easily send or direct them to a ready-made list without the awkwardness of pointing out exactly what you want - this gives them a range of ideas and budgets to choose from without the risk of gifting something that doesn't go with any outfit you own!


Resolution 3: Get seasonal

Just like a capsule wardrobe, think of your jewellery collection in seasons. You dress differently Summer from what you choose to wear in Winter, so your jewellery collection should be made up of key pieces for each season - more sparkle and layering to brighten up Winter, floral and pastel themes for Sprint and lighter weight items for Summer with more blues for that summery look. Check out our blog on favourite Winter jewellery pieces for more ideas: https://www.nichejewellery.co.uk/news/favourite-winter-jewellery-pieces/ to get you through this season.

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Resolution 4: Don't break the bank

Let's face it, January is the month for careful funds management and strategic sale purchases, not for a complete and utter spend-fest! Choose your items wisely and plan ahead by making your Wishlist for upcoming milestones like Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day and yes, even next Christmas! You can also re-visit our post on creating stunning jewellery looks on a budget to get some inspiration on layering, mixing your metals, and stones to create an expensive look on a budget: https://www.nichejewellery.co.uk/news/how-to-create-stunning-jewellery-looks-on-a-budget/

And don't forget our January sale is on now, with up to 50% off some of our biggest jewellery brands! The key with resolutions is not to overcommit, so you have a fighting chance of upholding them. So just pick one or two jewellery resolutions for 2018 and get cracking to make this year sparkle! Happy New Year from Niche Jewellery!

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